Star Wars Battlefront Offering a Free PC Trial for Star Wars Day

Star Wars Battlefront Offering a Free PC Trial for Star Wars Day


To celebrate Star Wars Day, EA is offering up a free trial of Battlefront, as well as other incentives in various Star Wars titles.

Every year on May 4, Star Wars fans celebrate their own unofficial holiday, known as Star Wars Day. If you're a fan of EA's games set in the universe, you'll be happy to hear that they're celebrating appropriately.

First up, if you don't own Star Wars Battlefront but would like to try it, you can get a four hour free trail on May 4. The trial doesn't include any premium content, but it does include all the free updates that have rolled out so far.

If you already own Battlefront, you'll be rewarded as well. When you log in on May 4, you'll receive 4,444 in-game credits that can be spent on skins, gear, or anything else you need. There will also be a new Hutt contract for sale that will let you earn a health-boosting Bacta Bomb as a reward.

Star Wars: The Old Republic players aren't left out. If you're still waiting to try out the MMO, you can play Knights of the Fallen Empire for free starting now, and ending May 30. Current players will receive a M4-I6 Zakuulan Astromech Droid Mini-Pet when they log in between now and May 4. Finally, there's also a double XP event running from May 3-10.

You can find out more information about all the promotions EA is running for Star Wars Day by checking out this post on their site.


Huh, a free trial only on PC you say? You mean the server that's barely staying alive? You don't say.

FOUR HOUR free trial? Woah there EA, don't go too crazy.

FOUR HOUR free trial? Woah there EA, don't go too crazy.

Well seeing as the game is pretty barebones to begin with, 4 hours might be the exact amount of time needed to see all the content!

I needed less than 4 hours in their first free 2 day trial to bump in all the corners and decide that the poodle was too small to swim in..

It would take me roughly six-seven times the amount of time to download Battlefront than I would actually get to play it.

I'm not sure this transaction is worth embarking upon.

To me, this looks like a trial run for the inevitable FTP conversion.

Well, I'll probably just play it so that I can tootle around Endor for a bit, and just stare at the damn thing, but if the beta was anything to go by (and it most definitely is), then there is probably little to no reason to stick around after that. Oh well, EA, at least you tried.or maybe you didn't. Who knows.

Welp shit I'm going to bootcamp that day.


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