Nintendo-Themed Vans Let You Kick Out in Style

Nintendo-Themed Vans Let You Kick Out in Style

Vans has teamed up with Nintendo to produce some exclusive sneaker designs.

If you were worried that your shoes weren't quite geeky enough to compliment the rest of your wardrobe, fret not! Nintendo has just announced it is teaming up with shoemaker Vans in order to produce some deliciously retro sneaker designs. Drawing inspiration from the video game developer's 8-bit heydey, both high and low-top sneakers are adorned with designs of NES controllers, Zelda graphics, and Duck Hunt camo.

Check out the eight revealed designs below:

According to European sneaker store 43 Einhalb, the sneakers will go on sale in June, and the revealed designs do not represent the entirety of the collection.

Source: Sole Collector


Ooh i want the princess peach one. Does it come in size 13? And for guys?

Too bad Vans don't really divert from their set shoe size chart. I can't fit any size comfortably because they don't do wide sizes.

Oh, you meant the crap shoe kind of vans. Well that's a bit disappointing. Oh well, moving on.

I would want Shoe #2 and #8 to go with my Nintenboard 180 Switch, please...

Other than that, I've never worn Vans before, so there's that...

Awh, why does it have to be Vans. I'm not a fan of their type (I'm more of a sport shoe person like Nike or Purma etc).

"Nintendo-Themed Vans Let You Kick Out in Style"

I'm not sure "style" is the word I'd use. Number 1 is the only one that looks decent, and that's only due to how basic the design is. As for the rest of them, for some reason this comes to mind ...

Don't wear them! They'll put a content ID claim on your feet!

I look down at the pair of Vans sneakers I bought 18 years ago for $25. They're beat up, but I still wear them when doing yard work or taking the trash out, or anything where I need to slip on some comfortable shoes; they've been through mud, snow, rain, extended hikes, and they hold up. They still have the original laces on them, and the laces are a little frayed, but not badly. There's no rips or tears on the shoes themselves, the sole inserts have a few tears, but nothing serious. Either the quality of Vans have gone down-hill, or people are complaining about nothing. I would say getting 18 years of use out of a pair of shoes for $25 is pretty darn fair. I'm not going to buy a new Nintendo pair, but I wouldn't crap on Vans.


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