New Witcher 3: Blood and Wine Dev Diary Shows Off Toussaint Region

New Witcher 3: Blood and Wine Dev Diary Shows Off Toussaint Region


This new dev diary gives you a closer look at the new region of Toussaint coming in The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine expansion.

The Witcher 3's Blood and Wine expansion will launch at the end of this month, but a new developer diary is giving you some insight into the new region you'll be exploring.

The new region of Toussaint will feature beautiful vistas, interesting people, and famous vineyards. But there's something stirring beneath the surface that will be one of Geralt's greatest challenges.

The new video is full of information. Just be warned that the devs are all Polish speakers, so you're going to need to read some subtitles.

Blood and Wine releases on May 31.


Well I'm mostly interested in how well the new features will be integrated into your current saved progress, with improved graphics to the game coming and whatnot.

I hated to restart TW2 with every major patch back then, got to Act II twice without a full playthrough which made Act I a borefest to replay for me, and the thought of restarting TW3 kinda put my current playthrough on halt at the moment.


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