Take a Shot at Hitman's Second Elusive Target Next Weekend

Take a Shot at Hitman's Second Elusive Target Next Weekend

the congressman

Square Enix has confirmed that the second Elusive Target mission in Hitman will go live next weekend.

Square Enix has announced that the second Elusive Target mission for Hitman will go live next Friday, May 27. This time, you'll be hunting down "The Congressman" in the game's Sapienza location. He will only be there for 48 hours.

As was the case with the first target, you have a single shot at the mission. Should you fail, your target is gone for good. According to Square Enix, only 53% of players successfully completed the first contract -Sergei Larin, The Forger. Somehow, someone was able to complete the mission within six minutes, whereas it took 34 minutes until the first Silent Assassin rating, of which only 9.9% of players achieved.

As for high scores, Mycool1984 has the top honor on Playstation 4 (198,928), Unknowngamer477 has the highest score on Xbox One (202,153), and on Steam Pseudonymous is on top (204,862).

the forger


Eh? Oh yeah Squeenix did that stupid thing of shipping a chunk of a game and "updating" it later, forgot that was a thing

While I didn't pick the game up, this is a bit of an interesting concept. A one-shot mission with such a small time window has actually caught my interest.

Not enough to buy a quarter of a game on the promise that I can buy more later, but I can at least commend good ideas that do exist within a bad one.


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