They Are Making a Fruit Ninja Movie

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They Are Making a Fruit Ninja Movie

fruit ninja

If you thought things couldn't get any stupider than a Tetris movie, think again.

Earlier in the week, we reported that the Tetris movie was moving forward, but today it looks like Hollywood has one-upped itself, with a report from The Hollywood Reporter claiming that a Fruit Ninja movie is in the works. Yeah, Fruit Ninja, that mobile game where you... cut fruit.

Tripp Vinson will produce the movie under his Vinson Films production banner. J.P. Lavin and Chad Damiani, who most recently wrote, How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack, will pen the script for Fruit Ninja.

Vinson will partner with Fruit Ninja dev Halfbrick Studios for production on the movie. All we know about the material itself is that it will be a " live-action family comedy".

Angry Birds, Tetris and now Fruit Ninja? Hollywood really is running out of ideas...

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


Great, its a new fucking gold-rush, making movies about popular mobile-games, though a clash royale movie might have some potential if anyone at hollywood gave a shit, which I doubt they do

But why? What fucking point is there in this? It has less plot than Angry Birds. And as I understand it, that movie was fucking abysmal. So what point is there in this?

No, I thought things couldn't get any more stupid then an emoji movie. I've still yet to be corrected but this is getting pretty dumb. Angry Birds becomes reasonably successful and now all of the app store games are getting movies. Get ready for flappy bird and Clash of Clans next.

I'm going to file this as stupider than Angry Birds, but less stupid than Tetris.

And... "Ass", almost 490 years early than predicted.

no ... no .. no . no no no no NO NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!%[email protected]!

I... OK. I suppose I'm OK with this.

Not surprised, since Angry Birds and Tetris. Also, I called this basically.

Now...heres an idea. Set it in the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs series. You can already probably see where this is going.

I blame Angry Birds for this. Because an overhyped rip-off of games you can play for free got to go for a ludicrously-large cash-grab and and some jerk thought it deserved to somehow be on the big screen too, we have this kind of precident. Making games into movies isn't new, but frankly taking games that have nothing at all to give is also pointless.

Not surprised, since Angry Birds and Tetris. Also, I called this basically.

Now...heres an idea. Set it in the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs series. You can already probably see where this is going.

That isn't a terrible idea actually. That said this movie will most likely be low budget shit.

I eagerly await the announcement of the Candy Crush Saga film. Truly, only cinema can do justice that noble artform that is Candy Crush.

Apparently literally anything that most people have heard of can be made into a film, even when the title is basicaly the whole joke... so basically greenlight developers have somehow gotten jobs in the film industry.

Tetris is still the dumbest one of these until they make a film about Bejeweled.

I'm calling it that we'll get a "Flappy bird" film soon.

There's gonna be an Emoji movie.

I refuse to act like Tetris and Fruit Ninja movies are dumber than that.

If Clash of Clans gets a movie, I'm officially bailing it. These movies are getting made for soups and giggles as the onlookers ponder at the madness the movie industry is going through. But Clash of Clans is something I'm officially against being allowed to expand and get more money.

How can a Fruit Ninja movie work? Let me quote HIM:
"You're a ninja, fruit is flying through the air and f*ck fruit" - Ben Yahtzee, 2012

Hmm...this was only a matter of time. Still waiting on Tiddlywinks, if any creatively starved hollywood types are reading this. *tiddlywink tiddlynudge*

Oh god Hollywood... Stop, just STOP with making these stupid movies using games that will not make sense on the silver screen.

Can I get the Farnsworth special please?

I'm still holding out for a Burger Time movie where Jeremy Renner plays a jaded, down on his luck burger chef who needs to rise to the occasion to save the world from a coalition of disgruntled eggs, pickles and wieners.

And... "Ass", almost 490 years early than predicted.

"Ass" has already happened, it's just that it was a song and not a movie:

Screw it, I give up.

That makes a helluva lot more sense than a Tetris movie, frankly. At least Fruit Ninja is implied to involve human characters instead of inanimate objects.

Fuck you Hollywood.

I hope the executives that green lighted this get scurvy.

Well I've been in touch with all of the major studios and I'm sure my "Best of YouTube 2006" is gonna be a winner. They all said "Yeah? No." so crunching the numbers I reckon that's a maybe.

I'm going to file this as stupider than Angry Birds, but less stupid than Tetris.

That's an extremely granular scale of stupidity there.

Ok, these casual game movies are getting dumber by the minute.
Game movies are iffy to begin with,

Although it is interesting to see they are trying things that are of the beaten path.
But they will soon realize there is no money to earn of this and move back to superhero movies.

Honestly, I don't see why this wouldn't be a good movie. Watching a ninja slash fruit is going to be at least visually stimulating, if nothing else. Sure, the game has no plot or characters, bu that means the moviemakers will be able to make up a plot and cast of characters that are actually good.

I hope the cast is white and the movie gets a ton of shit for 'whitewashing', because people are morons and mocking their criticism will be enjoyable.

This movie could be good. If it was done in a campy way like Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.

...I can't shit on it, I'm not surprised in the slightest.

On the bright side, at least they'll be able to do anything they want with the script, given uhhhh... Fruit Ninja doesn't have any story or plot or... anything like that. At all.

...and honestly, it would be kinda neat if they went whole-hog and expanded on the world of it all to give some weird justification for why there's Ninjas cutting up fruit, instead of what the Angry Birds movie did. Really work with the concept, don't just do a paint-by-the-numbers shitty comedy film.

This has to be less stupid than the Tetris movie. No matter how stupid it is.

Why does this movie need to be made? How the fuck can you create a decent story from a game in which all you do is slice fruit? Pro Tip: YOU FUCKING CAN'T!!!! Guess it gives Hollywood another reason to not be original.

...Well at least it's not as stupid as a Tetris movie? I mean, I love Fruit Ninja, and maybe they could come up with something... but still. Is Hollywood scraping the bottom of the barrel or what?

Looks like Hollywood is going for the low hanging fruit.

I'm not apologizing.

I wouldn't go so far as to say Fruit Ninja is a stupider idea for a movie than Tetris.

As stupid, at most. At least Fruit Ninja has a ninja who cuts up fruit with a sword. Tetris has blocks in sets of four descending down a well.

I'm not saying either is going to be a masterpiece, but if I had to watch one, based solely on the above description...?

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