Save Big on Scrivener 2 and the Training You Need to Master it

Save Big on Scrivener 2 and the Training You Need to Master it


Ask a bunch of writers to name an app they can't live without, and we're betting you'll find a lot of Scrivener 2 fans-in fact, it happens to be pretty popular among New York Times best-selling authors. See what all the fuss is about for yourself. Get Scrivener 2 at Escapist Deals--it's just $22.50 for the Mac version, and $20 for Windows.

Macworld calls Scrivener "one of the best finds of the last ten years," and they're not exaggerating. If you're writing an article, book, screenplay, or anything longer than a blog post, you'll find it super handy. Use Scrivener to storyboard an idea, rearrange your project as you go, load research (online and off) right next to your writing, and rewrite to your heart's content (don't worry, it'll keep your earlier revisions).

And if you need a little help getting started, The Learn Scrivener Fast - Ninja Level Course will help you master the app's robust set of features. Learn how to manage your notes, streamline your writing and eliminate distractions, and more. It's just $89 at Escapist Deals.


If you're a windows user.. skip on this. While Scrivener is not a bad app., be aware that as w windows users you are considered to be a second class customer. You know those games that are lazily ported from one platform to another, and while functional they are clearly not the optimal experience. This is one those. YOu'll notice most of the reviews come from Macworld. Not saying it's not great, but just understand that, as a windows user, you will not get the best experience everyone is raving about.

Most of the development occurs on the Mac side, most of the updates and yes the MAc version does have more features. Even where features are shared the implementation of those features is always sloppy on the Windows side. Here's a Hint: DO NOT USE TABLES IN THIS.

As for lessons. The Tutotial that comes with it is as much as you need really. Most of the learning is just getting used to thinking of your writing in a structured approach. If you're not the kind of writer that works well in such approaches. Scrivener will not help you and be about as pleasant as a splinter in your toilet paper.

What I'm saying is, this is not much of a deal.


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