PlayStation's E3 Experience Returning to Movie Theaters This Year

PlayStation's E3 Experience Returning to Movie Theaters This Year


If you can't watch Sony's E3 presser at home, you can catch it in a theater near you.

In 2014, Sony decided to broadcast its E3 press conference to movie theaters around the country, just to see if anyone would turn up. The interest has far exceeded expectations, and Sony has announced that they're repeating the event this year.

In more than 85 theaters across the US, Canada, and (for the first time) Latin America, fans will gather to watch the simulcast and to grab some exclusive goodies as well. In addition to a Coca-Cola cup and card #37 from the PlayStation Collectible Card series, there will also be a basket of digital gifts for each attendee. Sony's not sharing any info on what might be included in that, at least not yet.

If you'd like to go, you can find a full list of the participating theaters over on the PlayStation Blog. Tickets are free, but are distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis. You can try to get yours at


I guess if you still have any interest in the massive advertisement known as "E3" then go ahead

I still watch E3 for a few reasons:
1. It's the only collective video game thing that I can sit on my ass at home and watch.
2. Whether it's just for the sake of marketing and presentation or not, it's a chance for developers and publishers to "Wow" me.
3. While I will admiteddly be a little starry-eyed and pumped up during and after E3, I'm still smart enough to reserve my excitement (and cash) for games that I can research fully into other than a typical pre-rendered trailer.

But would I watch it in a theater? If it was at my local theater, probably, if only because it's a reason for me to get out of my house likely with some friends.
Unfortunately the nearest cinema showing the presentation is a bit over an hour away and it's not worth the drive for a cup and some digital "goodies" when I can again, just sit at home as comfortably as I want and watch it on my own screen.

And the closest one to me is two hours away and I don't have a car...

Anyone up for a carpool?

Meh. Most E3 presentations haven't been exciting enough to fully watch in years. I usually just read news updates to find something interesting and watch a few highlights. I'm not driving for hours to watch what I can at home (and being able to buy far cheaper and more edible popcorn). Digital goodies aren't worth it (especially since I've yet to jump into the current gen and wouldn't be able to use most of those gifts).

If a cinema around me offered this (and I know the one I used to work for has an auditorium set up for live shows), I might have gotten some friends together. Though, we'd probably be mocking half of the stuff we see, no matter if it was Sony, MS, Nintendo, Ubisoft (oh, especially Ubi) or anyone else doing a presentation. Actually, I think I need to make some calls and stock up the fridge.


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