Next Destiny Expansion to be Revealed Before E3

Next Destiny Expansion to be Revealed Before E3


Bungie will reveal the next Destiny expansion next week, and we'll certainly see it at E3.

In their regular "This Week at Bungie" post, the company announced a livestream next week that will reveal the next Destiny expansion. Scheduled for Thursday, June 9 at 1 PM ET, Bungie says the stream will offer a "first glimpse at what awaits you later on this year, followed by a deeper dive with the development team."

There have been reports on Reddit that the new expansion will be titled Rise of Iron, and there's even a couple of photos of a promotional poster that looks pretty legitimate. It features a Titan carrying a flaming two-handed axe while surrounded by wolves.

We'll have to wait until next week to find out for sure, but you can bet we won't see too much action from the expansion in the stream, as they'll probably save the actual gameplay for E3.

Here's a second photo of the poster that was posted in the same Reddit thread linked above:



That appears to be Lord Saladin. I'm guessing this one will be a PVP centric DLC.

The 3 wolves, from left to right

"Can I have a snausage?"
"Look, a squirrel"
"I'm bored"

At the risk of coming across as trolling and super snarky, I actually completely forgot Destiny was a thing.

Hew who painted Gunny's armour gold? And from where did he get that hammer? He's an archer for crying out loud!

Hmmm, so the Iron guys are all about "we need to train for when we can move out of a defensive posture and actually start taking the action to the bad guys" right?

I could stand to actually go on the offensive instead of sticking to the spec-ops hit and run stuff we've been doing thus far.

I tried playing Destiny last week and I kept getting booted out of the intro level like halfway through and being forced to start over.
After the third time it happened I put down the controller and fucked off.

Also? The character customization was probably the worst fucking shit I ever seen in my life. That probably killed it even more for me.

OT: That's great I guess, but man, I don't know anyone still playing that game.


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