Ubisoft Announces Trials of The Blood Dragon, Out NOW!

Ubisoft Announces Trials of The Blood Dragon, Out NOW!

The latest Trials title is a retro throw back tribute to Blood Dragon.

Those of you hoping for a Blood Dragon sequel may have sort of gotten their wish with one of Ubisoft's surprise E3 announcements. Trials of The Blood Dragon, the latest in the Trails dirt-bike stunt series, is a retro throw back tribute to, well, the retro-throw back tribute that was Blood Dragon. Best of all, it's out... right now, for PC PS4 and Xbox One.

The game will set you back $14.99 on the Steam Store, or your respective platform's digital marketplace.

2019 - NOW
In a world where Blood Dragons, beasts of unknown origin, roam free.
In a time where the future is not what it used to be, there's a man.
No, wait..
There's a boy.. and a girl.. Yes, a boy and a girl.
They are Roxanne and Slayter, the offspring of the legendary Rex Power Colt. They're as tough as their father, as smart as their mother and the best there ever was at being the best. 12 years on from Vietnam War 2, they're going to Vietnam War 4 to save the day, save freedom, and save the world.

It's the same Trials gameplay you're used to, but with an added Blood Dragon twist.


Well, that was definitely...a thing.

Communist aliens?? Fuckin sold!

Really...that looks a lot of fun to me. :) It has an early 90s feel in that I should start craving orange soda any second.

Alright, where did I put my cheap fluorescent Burger King Ray-Ban knockoffs from the nineties?

Despite Ubisoft being garbage in a lot of ways, they somehow can nail the feel for the Blood Dragon related games. I guess that shows which time period their skills got frozen in

Sweet. This is a purchase come payday.

That trailer is gloriously nineties.

In fact, I'd go as far as saying it might very well be better than the actual game. But that's just because I'm not particularly enamored with Trial's gameplay.

Well that seems cheesetastic and most bodacious. I kinda love it.

Yeah sorry Ubi, I bought Fusion on release and that was half the game Evolution was so I'll just wait until this is half price on G2A.


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