Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare PS4 Gameplay Trailer Takes You to Space

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare PS4 Gameplay Trailer Takes You to Space


The gameplay trailer for the newest Call of Duty title was shown off during Sony's press conference last night at E3.

There's a new Call of Duty every November. That's about as close to reliable as it gets in the gaming industry, especially in recent years. But when Sony showed off PS4 footage of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare last night, a strange thing happened. I couldn't immediately tell it was Call of Duty.

The gameplay trailer kicked off in space, and had you piloting a fighter-jet type of spacecraft. The main character then exits the craft, boards another ship, and disables it. Once the shooting kicked in, the game was much more familiar, but for the first time in years, a CoD game made me sit up and say, "I wonder what this is?" The move to the future and the addition of zero-g combat and maneuvering kept me guessing for a bit.

The official description of the trailer reads like this:

Reyes and his crew infiltrate and take down an enemy SetDef destroyer. Launching from the UNSA Retribution, the SCAR team must engage in intense Jackal dogfighting and close-quarters combat through zero-g to accomplish a coordinated assault with the UNSA Tigris.

Of course, making it intriguing doesn't mean that it's a good game, but that said, I'm feeling very willing to give this new Call of Duty a chance after seeing this footage.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare releases November 4, 2016 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. If you pre-order an edition that includes the Modern Warfare remaster on PS4, you'll get access to the CoD 4 campaign 30 days early.


Wow that looks bad. Like, really bad. Like, Daikatana level bad, just much, much shinier.

Hmm, looks a bit like the space flight sections might be on rails, sort of like the fighter sections in blops 3, or at least you lock on an enemy then it goes into a high speed rail chase type thing. I like the zero g combat, that looks fun, plus the anytime access grapple will probably be fun. The main weapons they showed off are kinda disappointing. So far just looks like a standard assault rifle, plus the gun handling seems closer to a Treyarch game then an infinity ward one. Yes they actually did have a different gunplay feeling, although considering how ghosts felt, that might not be a bad thing.

This hasn't sold me yet but it is the most curious I've been for a cod game in awhile, especially at this early stage.

The one thing that bothers me the most about this trailer is how bad an idea it is to use frag grenades in zero-G infantry combat - They're essentially handheld micrometeoroid generators with very close to infinite explosive range. Not to mention that they can only be thrown in straight lines thanks to no gravity...

Okay, so that caught my interest a lot more then the original trailer did.

It's hard to tell, however, if the space fighter bits are on rails or if you are free to fly around in the combat area. I really hope it's not on rails, because that annoyed me a lot in BLOPS 2.

I'm also interested if you have some choice in what order you play missions in. It seemed like the battle in the trailer was a selectable option of several.

Well the background space fights look like what I expect from Call of Duty. I just hope that's what I get in my missions too. I want to feel like I'm part of an entire army (or apparently in this case, leading it), instead of just a small man team filled with unkillable soldiers, but I'm the only one who can hit anything or do anything.

Hard to believe they were able to make space boring.

Call of Duty: Generic Warfare

If you know your enemy has the ability to send in troops that can blow up your bridge? Wouldn't you design stuff to stop them? I mean, HOW did they retract the blast shields from the outside? Hack them... cause, I would have thought that people would make the stuff that controls that VITAL access to the most VITAL brain area of the ship almost impossible to access from outside the DAMN SHIP WHERE ITS DOING ITS JOB.

God that trailer sucked... it was so... souless...

I like the ambiance. You feel like you are really part of the military again.

But the gameplay? I honestly cannot believe people were impressed by either the space combat or the 3D movement. The space combat looks as basic as I thought it would be, and the 3D movement looks gimmicky as hell. Pretty slow too, they made using a grappling hook look boring.

I'm kinda confused on the hate CoD is getting this particular time round. I've stopped playing this franchise since MW3, I didn't care so much for Blops either. Just kind of wore itself out to me, much like why I stopped playing Assassin's Creed. But I could always appreciate why people continue to play it, even if they "hate" it.

Can anyone explain what it is exactly that people are so pissed about? Is it because of going into space? Is it because they want it to go back to regular military combat, I thought the yearly churning out of the same thing is what got everyone giving it shit in the first place? Or is it just that it's plainly a bad game?

I love FPSes, just because I got bored of this franchise, this gameplay trailer doesn't look like a "bad" game to me. If it's relatively free of bugs, offers a bunch of varied types of combat in a decent single player campaign, combat and physics are engaging enough, I don't believe it should get a bad a rap as it's received. I'm onboard with Ron here, where it doesn't look quite like CoD to begin with. And I haven't played space dogfighting sims since Wing Commander, so I'm not sure what's gone wrong there either.

Anyone could give me some enlightenment, would be great. Metabombing and raging fans are barely coherent enough, let alone youtube comments.

If only it was what it looked like; a space flight sim with zero gravity/space battles. Jumping out of the ship to do mission or raiding a frigate or sapping a satellite. That would be nice. Still just from that movie I was interested, but then that interest faded as it's probably a scripted/rail portion before you attack the ship proper.


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