Modders Put Overwatch Characters Into Street Fighter V

Modders Put Overwatch Characters Into Street Fighter V

I mean, why not put Overwatch characters into Street Fighter V?

Modders do all sorts of fun things with games, including moving their favorite characters from one game into another one. That's happening with Overwatch characters now, as they're starting to show up in Street Fighter V.

It began last week, when a modder named "TheJamk" used Cammy as the canvas for a Tracer mod. It worked fairly well, as you can see in the video below.

But that wasn't all he managed. The JamK also has a Reinhardt mod that uses Zangief, and a mod that replaces R. Mika with Mei.

Another modder named Oscar Gunnarsson managed to replace Karin with D.Va to great effect.

Given the popularity of Overwatch, it's no surprise to see its characters popping up in other places. I expect that we'll see more mods like this for a number of games in the near future.


Man, some of those models fit really well with the SF5 art style :o

Still waiting on the story mode update before I bother with the game again, while I did enjoy my time with it, the lack of a proper vs AI Arcade mode kinda spoiled it for me.

Is calling attention to this going to result in Blizzard putting out a cease and desist that much sooner?

I'm no modder and I'm gonna assume that asset ripping from one game an putting it in another is no easy feat, but these types of mods often bore me, of all the SFV mods I've seen so far few are actually interesting mods like character costumes or something similar, okay there are some costume changes but the amount of bikini/less clothing mods dwarf stuff which I think are cooler like the SFIII Alex Costume mod or the Bison as Q Mod.

Then again another quick glance at Street Modders on dA shows a rise in costume mods that are looking interesting I suppose, but for now, SFV's modding scene still yet to get me to actually mod my game like I did with USFIV.

Yeah, reskin mods are not new to street fighter. 4 had a lot of them. That said, these are pretty high quality ones.

You would not believe the level of detail, not to mention accompanying obsession that goes into making some of these mods.
I remember that one dood in SF 4 was so dissatisfied by Capcoms women's feet (particularly Makoto) that he dedicated a lot of of his mods solely in perfecting the feet of the girl characters. Imagine, each toe, each sole, each heel, the correct bend while crouching or throwing a kick, and different iterations. Foot fetish much? a reasonable kink IMHO


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