Get a Lifetime Subscription to VPN Unlimited and Save 94%

Get a Lifetime Subscription to VPN Unlimited and Save 94%


Whether you're browsing at home or halfway around the world, you (and your devices) need protection all the same. Get a lifetime subscription to VPN Unlimited for $29 at Escapist Deals. That's over 90% off!

VPN Unlimited offers protection, yes, but it gives you extra freedom online in equal measure. Connect to VPN Unlimited on up to five devices at the same time and it'll secure your Wi-FI connection, keep your online activity private, mask your IP address, and block hackers and advertisers from monitoring your traffic. And it'll do it all while also giving you freedom to browse with restrictions, even content that's blocked in certain countries.

Browse freely and safely. Save 94% and get a lifetime subscription to VPN Unlimited for just $29.


Random internet review:

I tested VPN unlimited over seven days, with several servers, and every time, I came to an identical conclusion: the connection speed with VPN Unlimited is mediocre at best. Maybe it's because of overcrowded servers, perhaps because they simply throttle connection speed. But my connection never went over 15 MB/S, while I have a 100MB/s fiber line (even though I only have 5MBps in upload). And I know it's not my connection's fault: I get much faster speeds with other VPN providers.

After testing VPN Unlimited for over 7 days, I can safely say that I don't recommend it to anyone looking for a speedy VPN service. Nonetheless, if you're a cheapskate always looking for the cheapest deal, well, VPN Unlimited could be the perfect VPN for you, if you don't mind the interface with visual quirks and the slow, slow network speed.


I've been happy with it, just anecdotally, it doesn't seem to slow things down much for me, but then again I'm within 50 miles of one of their servers.


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