Here's How to Download Pokemon GO Even If it Isn't Out in Your Region Yet

Here's How to Download Pokemon GO Even If it Isn't Out in Your Region Yet


If you can't wait for Pokemon GO to release where you live, there's a way to download it right now.

Pokemon GO has begun launching around the world, with the initial launch taking place in Australia and New Zealand. While there's no set date for the game to come to North America, it's expected later this week. But if you just can't wait to start catching them all, there's a way you can download the game right now, at least if you're using an Android device.

All you need to do is download the APK file for the game by visiting this link on your Android device. You'll have to make sure that you've set your phone to allow installations from unknown sources. It should be noted that installing apps in this fashion can be dangerous, as APKs can contain malicious software. That said, there have been no reports so far that this APK is malicious.

A few words of advice are in order before you begin chasing down your Pokemon, though. The word is that the game burns through battery at an insane rate.

Also worth mentioning are the game's microtransactions. Everything costs "Pokecoins," with 20 Pokeballs coming in at 100 Pokecoins, and one incense (used to attract Pokemon) running you 80 coins. 100 coins will set you back $0.99, and the more you buy, the better the rate you get per coin. The largest pile of coins you can buy is 14,500 for $99.99.

If you're hesitant to jump in early, we're hoping to hear more about when the game will officially launch in the US soon.


That's a lot of battery draining.

I hear Miitomo is pretty bad too.

I really hope this is good but the mention of microtransactions (though expected) kinda hurts. I hope there are in game ways to earn these coins

Boy this is rough. I feel like they should have left this in beta for another year at least. BT dubs, my starter was in my neighbors house.

All I'm worried about is if I'm screwed on android version. I have 4.1.2, and it says I need 4.4. This will make me sad if all this time I till don't get to enjoy it

So not only will I get arrested for throwing oranges painted red and white at local cats, but I'll also have no battery to extract a number for my phone call? I'm onto your evil plan, Nintendo. Do not think you've gotten away with this...

You guys are slow! it's out in the US on iOS now!


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