You Can Now Buy the Blood of Richard Garriott on Ebay

You Can Now Buy the Blood of Richard Garriott on Ebay


If you've always wanted to hang the blood of Ultima creator Richard "Lord British" Garriott on your wall, now's your chance.

We've seen some pretty odd video game tie-ins over the years, but I don't think I've ever seen a developer willing to actually give away his blood before. But that's just what Richard Garriott, the creator of games like Ultima, Tabula Rasa, and the upcoming Shroud of the Avatar, is doing. Well, he's selling it, not giving it away.

For only $5,000, you can get your hands on one of six copies of the "Lord British Blood Reliquary Original Art by Steve Brudniak." It's a wall hanging that contains the actual blood of Richard Garriott. In addition, anyone who buys one of these six pieces will receive a long list of digital goods for Shroud of the Avatar. You'll also get a chance to visit the Portalarium offices in Austin, TX, although travel is not included. You can even watch Garriott get his blood drawn live in this video.

If you're a huge fan of Lord British, or you just want one of the stranger game-related items in recent memory, you can pick up the Lord British Blood Reliquary on eBay.


Worth that much, eh?

Grab 'im, boys!! We're gonna drain and farm that shit out like a self-replenishing gold mine!

I have no idea what a third of those words are...

Well, we'll soon see if it IS his blood...once I get in contact with a voodoo practicioner.

Oh Garriott. How I wish you'd turn up in the news more, you bonkers maniac.

I think I would be more impressed with this guy if he was donating blood to promote his new game.

This is not the first time that someone used their blood to promote their products. Remember when the rock band Kiss used their blood as ink for their comic books?

Borked links. Thanks.

Also, ew.

Doesn't this violate Ebay rules on the sale of biological material?

Even sealed, I'm pretty sure blood is specifically prohibited from sale.

Two listings, so that means that four of the others went somewhere else...

Borked links.

Also, ew.

Stupid links. Kicked them, made them work again.


Sounds more like desperation for attention for a single game, which is very sad since he did so many good ones years/decades ago.


still waiting for the inevitable Garriott/Molyneux teamup.

I think I would be more impressed with this guy if he was donating blood to promote his new game.

I'd rather see that, too. He should still have money to fund a new game even after becoming one of the first space tourists.

Some of these game publicity stunts are getting way out of hand. You'd think the ruler of Britania could come up with a better trick, like pulling someone from another realm into our world to do good deeds.

Doesn't this violate Ebay rules on the sale of biological material?

Even sealed, I'm pretty sure blood is specifically prohibited from sale.

Yep, it's right there in the rules. He could be getting a special exemption, but I doubt it.

Holy shit, $5,000!?!?!?

If my blood was worth that much, I'd just have them drain a pint every 2 months and live off the money from that.

So let's see. $5000 per centili\tre times the total blood in a healthy human body. I'm gonna need a ginsu knife, buckets and a plane ticket to texas.

I'd prefer to collect the blood of Lord British fresh honestly and personally I need to know he can bleed.

It's important to me damn it, it's important for everyone in Britannia to know we can be free of this tyrant.

We should crowd fund to buy one for Yahtzee.

Considering the fact that I had to google the name to see who it is and was still left in the dark because even the list of games didn't remind me of ever hearing his name, I would say $5000 is waaaaaaaaaaay overpriced.
$0.01. My last offer, can't go above that.

I'm not saying he's unknown, just that I've never hear of him.

Ha ha ha, soon my master plan to clone Lord British shall be complete!

...Ahem, that's ridiculous, who would buy such a thing?

Stupid advertising stunt is stupid but generated X clickthroughs and Y$ more in overall sales for Z celebrity game dev's new indie game than without said stupid stunt, as well as about $30000 minus costs for an artificially rarified keepsake that people probably wouldn't otherwise think to sell.

I'd feel disingenuous for pretending that I'm not reading and commenting because of said stupid advertising stunt. Or that, without some future stupid advertising stunt, I'll bother to pay any attention to this project until/unless it's released or contains full frontal human female nudity. So I'd say the stunt was probably a good idea.

The comparison to Molyneux seems a little hyperbolical to me. Nothing I've ever seen from Garriott (I've played a bunch of Ultima games online and offline, City of X, and Tabula Rasa) has been nearly as shitty or soulless as everything 22cans has put out as well as, arguably, some of the Fable stuff. Usually even Garriott's failures are interesting in some fairly thoroughgoing ways.

Forget the David Lynch-esque advertising, I can't get over the fact that he genuinely calls himself "Lord British".

"Money to go towards 'Ultima Two Billion and Nine.'"

Seriously, has this guy done anything of note other than that?

... well, I've already gone through the "why are you still giving this guy attention" song and dance on the Escapists forums with Molyneux before he really shat the bed... but I just can't help it. Why are you still giving this guy attention? Another 90's gamer relic that needs to be lost to time.

I'm PRETTY certain buying that goes against the Virtues...


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