The Mini-NES Can't Go Online, Will Never Get New Games

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I like it.
It would have been cooler though with access to the Virtual console so you can get more games. But it's still cool.

I know there is the whole "why pay for when I can emulate it" argument, but this isn't for you. It isn't for me either, who had the games when I was a kid, emulated them when I went to college for convenience and lack of money, and then bought them again on Wii/Wii U. This is for those who stopped playing at one point and want to get a nostalgia fix. Or to buy for their kids so they can experience these great games without worrying about emulation or being online and don't have to buy a current gen system at 4-5x the price. For them, this is perfect. And since it's Nintendo, there is the assumption of quality.

And although many of us can very easily emulate these games, Nintendo is trying to preserve their games exactly as they were back in the day. So all of those games have been tested to be as accurate (only as bug-free as it was when released) as possible, hence the low number of titles (compared to all 700+). So these are great emulations, probably only could be better if they were actually emulating the circuit timing.

Besides, retro players like the Retcon aren't perfect. I wouldn't touch them unless there were no other used copies of the old consoles around. Or the old chips are actually faithfully reproduced, which is unlikely.

Huh. I really don't why people are scoffing at this. It looks like a fantastic way to play most of the well-known NES library. Most people aren't collectors/retro gaming enthusiasts who have this stuff kicking around, or owned the NES when it was still in production, or maybe inherited the system and some carts from a relative. Furthermore, it would cost you far more than 60 bucks to get the system and carts of all the games listed with this little nostalgia-box. As in a few hundred dollars more. But hey, there's always emulation.

I would just like to point out that PC gamers have been able to play NES games for decades now. Also the entire archive and I do mean the full archive is only a few hundred megs. Even wit a rubbish internet connection you'd get that in seconds.

The 30 games on it are quite good. But why put on Simon's Quest and not Castlevania 3 instead? #Castlevania2DoesNotExist

Castlevania III has a special chip in it called the MMC5, sort of the NES's version of the SuperFX. So, emulating it is a pain in the ass.

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