Overwatch Console Patch Adds Ana, Nerfs Torbjorn

Overwatch Console Patch Adds Ana, Nerfs Torbjorn


Xbox One and PS4 players have just gotten a major Overwatch patch.

While Overwatch's sniper mom Ana was released for PC earlier this month, console gamers have had to wait. But that wait is now over as a major patch for the Xbox One and PS4 has added Ana, nerfed Torbjorn and more.

Many of the other balance tweaks that hit the PC version have also made their way to consoles, including D.Va's defense matrix changes, Zennyatta's buffs and the self-healing ultimate charge change. Additionally, in a console-only change, the damage of Torbjorn's turret has been reduced by 30%. Symmetra's turrets have also been nerfed the same amount.

You can check out the full notes for any additional changes.

Source: Blizzard


Wow... that was quicker than I thought. Just yesterday I was thinking about staying away from competetive mode until the patch is released. But I'm happy to read that I'll have a little distraction this weekend.

Any word on the size of the PS4 patch?

Little bummed about the Torb nerf (never really had a problem killing him or getting killed AS him haha), damn Torb stackers!

But what's the deal with the Symmetra nerf? That's dumb as hell.

I don't get the nerfs, honestly. I used to get the feeling that all of Overwatch's characters were equally overpowered in key areas of their playstyle so that one of them could always effectively trump another one.

As for Torbjorn's turret being nerfed, I'll admit I haven't noticed anything spectacular in terms of loss of efficiency.


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