Get Trials of The Blood Dragon Free If You Ace Its Demo

Get Trials of The Blood Dragon Free If You Ace Its Demo

Think you are awesome at Trials? If you get a perfect score in the Trials of the Blood Dragon demo, Ubisoft will give you the game for free.

Well here is a very interesting promotion from Ubisoft concerning its recently released Trials spin-off: Trials of the Blood Dragon. If you think you are an awesome Trials player, you can get the game for free - provided you completely ace the free demo of the game, completing it with fewer than 15 faults.

"Think you've got awesome Trials skills? Now's your chance to prove it and earn Trials of the Blood Dragon for free," wrote Ubisoft in a blog post. "That's right. Free. On July 22, simply download the PC demo from Uplay and complete it with 15 or fewer faults to get access to the full PC version of Trials of the Blood Dragon, free of charge."

It later confirmed that this special demo promotion will run until July 31.

It's certainly a unique promotion!

Source: Ubisoft


Ok, this idea tickles me pink. The dev could make doing that super hard and I'd still be ok with it, just because of how amusing it is.

That would be cool an' all, if it were on more platforms than just PC. Not that it matters to me, I payed full price for the damned thing anyway.

I suspect exactly zero people will manage this, since this "free demo" is actually the entire game, which locks up after those 15 faults. You need to complete the entire game with fewer than 15 faults. And before you go thinking "Oh, I am a master of Trials, so I can probably manage it," no, you probably can't, because this particular spinoff controls horribly and has none of the meticulous design found in the main Trials games, and is just blatantly unfair in a lot of places, very cheap. The vast majority of people will likely get those 15 faults in the first couple of stages.

This sounds like one of those games at the circus where you`re initially handed a free try to throw hoops at a little pole in the centre of the stall,but no matter how hard you try,and no matter how close you get,the hoop is magically whisked away by some gravitational force you forgot to take into account,leaving you rolling on the floor in your own saltiness and sadness,even though it was free. Which leads you spending ?20 at the stall an hour later in order to get a giant teddy bear worth only a tenth of that price.

Ah,the fun of the circus.


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