Total War: Warhammer Adding Free Content This Week Alongside New DLC

Total War: Warhammer Adding Free Content This Week Alongside New DLC


Even if you don't buy the new Total War: Warhammer, you'll be seeing some new content when it launches this week.

This week marks the launch of the Beastman DLC for Total War: Warhammer, which will bring the race of half-man, half-beast mutants to the game. But if you're not picking up the DLC, you can still count on seeing some new content in the game this week.

Alongside the new DLC, Creative Assembly will release a free content update that will bring, among other things, the Amber Wizard hero to the game. The Amber Wizard is an Empire unit, but can use Lore of Beasts like the Beastmen do. It is also the only unit that has access to the new Amber Griffin mount.

Lore of Beasts allows the Amber Wizard (and the Beastmen, of course) to use spells, including these:

  • Wyssan's Wildform: This relatively low-cost spell buffs your allies for 14 seconds with 22% Weapon Damage and +15 Armor.
  • Flock of Doom: This brings forth a swarm of crows to pick at the foe's eyes. This painful experience causes direct damage to all targets in the area for 7 seconds, with a 30m range. It is great against groups of combatants.
  • Pann's Impenetrable Pelt: This offers a 22% Damage Resistance buff along with a 24% increase to speed for the allies you cast it on. It lasts for a decent 50 seconds, so is good for multiple charges or a sustained fight.
  • The Amber Spear: This sounds a gnarled horn and releases a magic missile at the enemy, which causes armor piercing damage, is effective at all ranges and offers excellent penetration.

Here's the new content coming free in Update 2:

  • A new hero and mount
  • An entirely new AI-controlled Race as opposition
  • New multiplayer features
  • New multiplayer and custom maps
  • Unlockable Lord for MP/Custom battles

With the Beastmen faction being added to the game, the patch will also include a multiplayer rebalance, as well as numerous other updates, such as the ability to customize Lords and Heroes. There will also be four new multiplayer maps.

You can see all the info on Total War: Warhammer Update 2 on the Total War Wiki


Well looks like they are keeping to a feral look for the wizard, good good.


Not impressed by a griffin recolor however.

At least the Beastmen are included as enemies for free, considering the truck load of dlc races we are going to get, and how stupidly expensive the final price of Total warhammer 1st edition (they are going to make 2 more if my sources are correct) with all races included will be, it's the least they could do.

At least the Beastmen are included as enemies for free, considering the truck load of dlc races we are going to get

I quite like the way it seems they're doing things, fairly similar to how Paradox usually do. Lots of free stuff added to the game, but if you want to make full use of it and play as added factions yourself you have to pay. And so far the price doesn't seem unreasonable. Sure, just like Paradox games if you want to buy everything as soon as it's released it will quickly add up, but as long as the prices for each individual part is reasonable the total cost says much more about the amount of content added than it does about the cost itself.

Holy crap, I may never need another game again.

I've sunk about 30 hours into my Vampire Counts campaign, and I basically want to play a campaign as every race in the Warhammer world (except Dwarves).

And then mods will keep on coming, and I'll want to play through them all again.


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