Doom Board Game Filled with Awesome Miniatures Coming from Fantasy Flight

Doom Board Game Filled with Awesome Miniatures Coming from Fantasy Flight


There's a new Doom board game coming from Fantasy Flight Games, and the minis are amazing.

Hot on the heels of the success of the newest Doom video game is a new board game version of the venerable shooter. Published by Fantasy Flight Games, Doom: The Board Game is the latest in a long series of video games brought to the tabletop, following such titles as Gears of War, StarCraft, Warcraft, World of Warcraft, and XCOM.

Fantasy Flight previously released a Doom board game in 2004, but the company says that this game is not a new edition of that. Instead, it's a "completely redesigned tactical experience" based on Bethesda's 2016 game, of which we were pretty big fans.

The board game will require two to five players, with one of them tasked with taking the reins of the forces of hell. The other players will suit up as UAC Marines. The Marines will need to complete objectives as they fight through 12 missions, while the player controlling the demonic armies needs only to kill the Marines. The Marines will be able to respawn after death a set number of times, but if they run out of lives, the demons win.

You can find a lot more information on Doom: The Board Game on the game's official announcement page. You can expect to see the game on store shelves in the fourth quarter of this year.


You know, I was never into board games, nothin' against 'em, just was never into 'em.
Played a game of Pandemic at a friend's once, that was fun.
Board games was one of those things with a lot of tantalizing options but never really felt the drive to get into.
This is a rather compelling case though.

This is by far the dumbest thing, media entertainment wise, that I've seen all week.
And I think I have to have it.

I need help.

I bought a friend the old Doom game for his birthday. He loved it. It was Space Hulk with Doom miniatures, and Space Hulk is fucking rad.

If it's a one off, great, will get it. If it's another FFG game that has to have a ton of expansions, then I'm out. Already play X-Wing and Armada.

I'd buy. I know a place where people gather for board games, a place where we make Cthulhu weep and conquer the stars. I'm sure I'll be seeing this thing in there, soon enough.

I'm not much of a board game connoisseur, but if the minis are decent quality I might buy this just to paint them

Looks really well-designed, and the miniatures are awesome.
However, I doubt I'll buy this, because to me the fun in Doom comes from the fast-paced on-screen slaughter, and I think that's the one thing a board game adaptation won't be able to deliver on, no matter how you slice it.
Of course, I wish it all the best, and loads of fun to the folks who'll buy it! :)

See, it's games like this that make me yearn for titles such as 'Space Crusade' and 'Hero Quest'.

This looks... decent x) hehehe


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