You Can Read Old Issues of Nintendo Power on Right Now

You Can Read Old Issues of Nintendo Power on Right Now


There are already 145 issues of Nintendo Power added to the collection so far.

If you want to be nostalgic about your childhood, or just see what we were reading back in the late 80s, you should check out Nintendo Power. Starting in July of 1988, the magazine ran for over 24 years, with its final issue, #285, published in December of 2012.

It can be kind of hard to lay your hands on physical copies of these magazines, but thanks to, you can peruse the first 145 issues online. They're full of stories about classic games, interviews, and information. Best of all, you can check out what video game advertisements looked like nearly 30 years ago.

The era of the video game magazine may be behind us, but these are definitely worth going back and checking out. You can find all 145 issues added so far on You might even find a photo or two taken of a high score on a TV screen from someone that you know.


Frustratingly, there's no Nintendo Power Advance in here. That's the one I was hoping to find :(

P.S. Thanks

Well, holy shit. They have Game Players Magazine. Not all of 'em, but it's better than disappointment.

Hail Gazuga!

Do they have the original Mario comics that I never got to enjoy? I am going to the gym right now so it will be a while before I can check.

Awesome, now EVERYONE can get the Power!

Of course the tips and guides are redundant in this day and age of Let's Plays and GameFAQ walkthroughs, but it's still a nostalgia trip just browsing through them. I feel like a kid again.

Oh that takes me back. I collected those things for years and finally got rid of them(now I wish I'd kept them somewheres). I especially remember those game guides I'd read over and over again.

So much appreciated.

Best of all, you can check out what video game advertisements looked like nearly 30 years ago.

Way, way back in the day, they really only contained one or two overt advertisements - if you didn't count the entire darn magazine as one huge advertisement. It got pretty darn sad when that changed some time after the N64 era.

What I really liked about the magazine is that frequently, it really was "the news that you could use". You didn't have to go poking in Gamefaqs and flipping through a huge document that would lay bare every last secret in a game - if a developer threw in some kind of obscure idiocy, odds are you could read about that one particular solution there.

Just think of the struggle of trying to put those complex layouts together with the technology of 30 years ago. It's pretty obvious a lot of their maps were stitched together from individual screenshots, frequently with the player character sprite plainly visible. They would, on occasion, get some things completely wrong.

I hear there's something called Nintendo Force which is aiming to be a spiritual successor of sorts.

I squee'd, but now it looks like they've been removed? What's going on?


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