Get a First Look at World of Warcraft's Demon Hunter Class in this New Developer Video

Get a First Look at World of Warcraft's Demon Hunter Class in this New Developer Video

A new trailer is giving World of Warcraft fans a closer look at the Demon Hunter class.

When the Legion expansion for World of Warcraft launches on August 30, it will bring with it the second so-called "hero class" for the game - the Demon Hunter. If you're one of the many who have already pre-purchased the expansion, you'll get access to the Demon Hunter earlier than most, as it will be playable for you tomorrow.

To help give an idea of what the class is like, and to show a little more about the two spoecialization the Demon Hunter will have access to, Blizzard has released a new video that features World of Warcraft designers Eric Maloof and Graham Berger describing the lore behind the class and how it influenced the class design, as well as showing off some of the Demon Hunter's abilities through in-game footage.

World of Warcraft: Legion doesn't launch until August 30, but you can already see the effects of its launch in-game, as the expansion pre-patch went live in mid-July. You can see all the changes it brought right here.


Emo or Edgelord?

Emo or Edgelord?

Why not both? Emo Edgelords! What could possibly go wrong?

OT: I've been looking forward to playing a DH ever since they were announced, so tomorrow will be a glorious day indeed!

The class looks fun especially due to its mobility. Might even have come back to WoW shorly to try it out.

That said, only two paths? Guess they're not even attempting to be original there any longer.

First look.. yeah right XD

The whole entire class has been laid bare for months, there are allready guides and youtube videos aplenty that analyse the new class to the detail

There really is no sense of exploration anymore in WoW since everyone and their grandmother knows every little detail about an upcomming expansion thanks to youtube and data miners.... to bad.


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