See What it's Like to be Batman in the New Batman Arkham VR Fan Reaction Trailer

See What it's Like to be Batman in the New Batman Arkham VR Fan Reaction Trailer

The newest Batman Arkham VR trailer shows you the game and how people react to playing it.

When Rocksteady and Sony showed off Batman Arkham VR at E3, people got excited. Our Liz Finnegan put on the cowl and came out super excited by what she had experienced. But if you weren't at one of the shows where the game was exhibited, you haven't seen much of it yet.

Warner Bros. is out to remedy that with a new trailer that mixes snippets of the game with the reactions of the fans who got to play it at San Diego Comic Con this year.

Although the experience is reported to be a short one (Rocksteady says it will take an hour to complete, but will have some limited replayability), the Rocksteady game is obviously generating interest, because who doesn't want to be Batman?

Batman: Arkham VR is set to release on October 16 for $19.99 on PlayStation 4 and PS VR.


I wanted to make a joke by posting a video from Family Guy of Peter trying on Geordi La Forge's visor and seeing everyone as the KKK and screaming "Why would someone wear this!?"

But I cant find it on YouTube...fucking assholes.

The joke being that all Batman sees are threats.

Key word to note there; "fans." Reactions from fans.

All this veiled VR advertisement is reminding me of HD TV marketing, like a "Ohhh, you can't see it...but it's totes awesome, so we're just gonna keep saying that and showing you obscure imagery till you give in."

It doesn't look interesting at all. I mean, it could have a good story and stuff, but from all I have heard, it just seems like a VR tour of the Batcave.

According to many people on the internet, seeing a trailer for a VR game doesn't do it justice [no pun intended], you have to wear the headset to play and feel the experience, only problem being you can only do that is if you buy one. There should be a place where we could try out different games like an Arcade, only problem being wearing a headset worn by other people, which would turn a lot of people away.

It's always interesting seeing the reaction to VR from people who did not try proper VR yet. I was a bit skeptical and bought a Vive and was blown away but that's expected because I love tech.

So I brought my father over to try it and he's the kind of guy who can't send emails or use google and he's 53. He spent 2 hours in it the first time and now he wants a Vive and a gaming PC to run it.

Same story about a friend who told me I just bought an expensive gimmick. His gf and him came over to try it and they were shitting on me for wasting my money until the very moment they tried it and now they want a Vive too.

The best way to describe good VR is : you know it's fake, it may not look real, but your brain feels it is real anyway. And that's something that is hard to describe.

I'm still skeptical about the PS4 being able to run proper VR games (you need high fps in both eyes), but if it's any good I'll get the new PS4.5 , the headset and the wands in a heartbeat. If Sony built a good VR platform I'll just buy it. I'm not a brand loyalist.


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