New Bioshock: The Collection Trailer Compares the Remaster to the Original

New Bioshock: The Collection Trailer Compares the Remaster to the Original

The newest trailer for Bioshock: The Collection compares the remaster with the original game.

If you want to see just how much of an upgrade the Bioshock remaster is over the original, there's a new trailer that compares the two. In it, you can see a sampling of the graphical upgrades included in the game.

Also released today was a teaser trailer for "Imagining Bioshock," a director's commentary that is unlocked in Bioshock: The Collection by collecting Golden Reels hidden throughout the game. There's a total of almost two hours of commentary featuring Ken Levine, creative director for Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite and Shawn Robertson, animation lead on Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite. You can watch the teaser trailer on the 2K YouTube channel.

This teaser is the first of several for the commentary series. 2K says it will release two teasers each week on its YouTube channel until the release of Bioshock: The Collection on September 13.


I think I might actually get this, despite still having all three games for the PS3. Don't know why, as I have tons of other games I still need to play, but Bioshock is just fun for me. Just hope they don't have the stupid multiplayer trophies for 2. Ugh, getting those was such a chore.

Definitely interested in this one, I didn't like Infinite, didn't play Bioshock 1, though I did LOVE Bioshock 2 with a passion, if price is right I'll consider getting it

Damn, it includes all single player dlc as well? That is a great package.

That cover is maybe the best I have seen. Perfect.


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