French Mayor Decries "Settlement" of Virtual Pokemon in His Town

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that it can lead to groups forming at night.

Oh no, the raving groups of PokemonGo players! Such menace to the village's night-life!


But for instance, if I decided to go to one of the bigger parks in my city to enjoy a nice summer day and read a book there, chances will be that it's crowded with pokemon go players, with no interest in where they are and probably more than a few people without the common courtesy to be mindful of others.

Now, I'll admit this: Part of why it bothers me is because I don't jive with the game. I just don't like it and on the trip I described, we had two people being completely anti-social and had their faces glued to their cell-phones at all times, no matter where we went. If I did like the game, I'd obviously have a different mind about it.
Seriously, one of them up and fucking left the dinner table to go challenge a gym (or whatever) at different intervals, while we were at a restaurant.

Or you could just mind your business (as you are clearly not interested in theirs) and let them do what they enjoy. You dont own the park nor the restaurant to set the rules on what people can do in there. Let people enjoy the game if they want. they arent stopping you from going to the park or the restaurant.

This doesn't have to be petty at all, it's about understanding the viewpoint of other people.

And yet you failed to understand their viewpoint.


...are they doing this already!?

I predict this very thing will be a thing. Think about it. Imagine if Niantic held an auction from private citizens to schedule a legendary Pokemon spawn at a spot and time of their choosing. How high would the bid go to have a (insert legendary Pokemon here) spawn at their boy's birthday party for him and all his friends. I'm guessing pretty high.

Is it shameful to sell virtual goods for giant wads of real money? Maybe. But, they're not really selling a Groudon. They're just auctioning an increased opportunity for a gamer to catch one. This would be a very profitable venture.


And more to the point of this topic - if Niantic spawns pokemon on or near your property, and those pokemon attract players, and now these players are walking outside your house in the middle of the night...what kind of tort would that even be? Inciting someone to trespass? I don't know![/i]

To be fair, AFAIK the spawn is mostly random, plus from what I understand there's regular warnings on the add to watch where you're going and not to trespass. I don't think it would be INCITEMENT per say: Even if you're encouraging people to do an activity (e.g. hunting digital creatues) that MAY escalate into something illegal depending on whether they violate laws and common sense(i.e. trespass)... you're not the one telling people to throw caution to the wind while playing your game. Hell, they're clearly doing the exact opposite with those loading screen warnings.

I suppose one COULD argue that it's negligence, though: you simply can't assume that people won't be stupid when dotting the map with digital goodies for said people to chase. Is it too much to ask a company currently raking in the dough to have filters for private spaces who haven't opted into the craze? Pokemon have jobs? Pay tax?

Not surprised people want to drive them out. They aren't even native European, are they?

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