The Disappointments Room Finally Has a Trailer!

The Disappointments Room Finally Has a Trailer!

After what feels like centuries of waiting, we've finally got a glimpse into The Disappointments Room.

Relativity Media's bankruptcy in 2015 left more than a couple of films in limbo. Masterminds has now had several release dates. Collide was supposed to be released just last week but didn't show up in theaters - IMDb now lists its release date as October 30th. Before I Wake has had several release dates, the latest of which was September 9th - but it's now TBA. Before I Wake was replaced with another Relativity film, The Disappointments Room, itself previously holding several other dates for its release. It seemed like an odd choice, given that we hadn't yet seen anything beyond a couple of behind-the-scenes photos; there wasn't a poster or trailer to be seen.

That's now been rectified, just a couple of weeks before it hits theaters and VOD.

The trailer sees our protagonist, played by Kate Beckinsale, move into a new house with her young son. Soon after moving in, she becomes fascinated with a room that wasn't on the floor plan. Some weird things start happening. Whether it's a haunted house, all in her mind, or something else, we're going to have to wait and see. It looks like pretty standard horror fare, but one of the main reasons I've been keeping my eye on it is because of its screenwriter, Wentworth Miller.

Miller is an actor probably best known for Prison Break, but he penned the screenplay to Stoker back in 2013, and Stoker is incredible. When someone makes a debut that strong, you always want to see if they'll follow it up with something equally as good. The Disappointments Room likely won't reach the heights that Stoker did - it's directed by D.J. Caruso, not Park Chan-Wook - but it's something to which I'm personally looking forward.

Barring another last-minute schedule change, The Disappointments Room will hit theaters and VOD on September 9th.


I hope that the film *puts on sunglasses* isn't a dissapointment

I leave myself out of the door.

I'll be frank[1]: The more I hear of this film the more generic it sounds. There is nothing about it that makes me believe it won't be yet another paint-by-numbers 'haunted house' story.

But, I mean, I guess we can always use another ghost story movie. Fuck knows it's not like we don't get them practically every other month. No sir. They're a rare commodity.

[1] Or Steve. Or Gui. Or Julio. Or...

Damn, I thought that the lead actor would have been Tommy Wiseau, now I am disappoint.

Holy Hell, I did not realise that he was 60 years old.


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