Horror Dethrones Superheroes at Box Office

Horror Dethrones Superheroes at Box Office

Box Office Report Aug 26-28 Social

It took a solid horror movie to remove Suicide Squad from the top of the box office.

It took four weeks, but Suicide Squad has finally been knocked out of the #1 spot at the weekend box office. Don't Breathe, a very solid horror movie, made back over double its reported budget with a $26.4 million opening weekend. That would have topped Suicide Squad in its third weekend, where it grossed $20.9 million, and easily beat Suicide Squad's fourth weekend, where it grossed $12.3 million, landing it in second spot.

Two animated movies took the new couple of spots. Kubo and the Two Strings, in its second weekend, grossed $7.9 million, which is a not-too-bad 37.8% drop. The talking-food comedy Sausage Party took in $7.5 million in its third weekend, and has already made a significant profit. Round out the top five was Mechanic: Resurrection, which made $7.5 million, which is more than predicted but still a disappointment. The original made $11.4 million in its debut weekend and only made it to $62 million worldwide over the course of its run - against a $40 million budget. The sequel has reported to have a similar budget.

There were two other new wide (although not large) releases, neither of which made it into the top ten, or into my neck of the woods. Southside with You took in $2.9 million in 813 theaters, which gave it the #14 slot. Hands of Stone grossed $1.8 million in 810 theaters. Neither one of those totals is to be considered "good," per se, but at least in the case of Southside with You, a profit will be made. Its budget was only $1.5 million. Hands of Stone, meanwhile, cost $20 million.

Finally, Hell or High Water expanded into a wide release, taking in $3.6 million in 909 theaters. It'll likely (read: hopefully) see one more week of expansion before tapering off.

Here is the top ten for the weekend:

1. Don't Breathe ($26.4 million, week 1)
2. Suicide Squad ($12.3 million, week 4)
3. Kubo and the Two Strings ($7.5 million, week 2)
4. Sausage Party ($7.5 million, week 3)
5. Mechanic: Resurrection ($7.5 million, week 1)
6. Pete's Dragon ($7.4 million, week 3)
7. War Dogs ($7 million, week 2)
8. Bad Moms ($5.6 million, week 5)
9. Jason Bourne ($5.1 million, week 5)
10. Ben-Hur ($4.6 million, week 2)

Source: BoxOfficeMojo.


It is unfortunate that Kubo is doing so poorly... and then people will complain that there's no good, original, or interesting movies out there...

I'm not sure how many worldwide theaters it's opened in, I'm sure it'll make its money back somewhere down the line (especially if it wins an Oscar) but being beat by Suicide Squad in its fourth week is a little depressing. I think it may have also chosen an awkward time, probably would have been best to release it earlier in the summer or just wait until the Fall when all the artsy fartsy folks start paying more attention.

This is a kind of misleadingly titled article. A more accurate - if less snappy - one would be "Don't Breathe's opening week beats Suicide Squad's fourth week." I mean, if you tallied up the annual box office gross of horror films and superhero films, I'm pretty sure the superhero films are still going to end up ahead.

I think studios use August as a kind of dumping ground for shitty films? Case in point: that new Jason Statham film. A sequel to a remake of a film that I hadn't even heard of. Based on the review I read on the site, it sounds like it was a completely different screenplay that got bought and dolled up into a sequel no-one asked for.

Kubo is reported in the article to have made both $7.9M and $7.5M, when Mojo says it made $7.8M. Fix pl0x.

Also, Kubo is making too little money. Fix pl0x.

Ive since given up on understanding film economics. Saying the 3rd highest earning movie is earning shit...

I think such lists should be based on ratios based on earnings vs cost, so that it makes more sense.

Ben-Hur ($4.6 million, week 2)

Huh. Good thing that "Bigger than Ben-hur" is no longer something people say, it'd be confusing nowdays.


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