Apple Announces iPhone 7 With no Headphone Jack

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I'm used to their stuff being stupidly expensive, but nearly $1000 for the top model? Holy fuck, guys. At this rate in a couple of years it'll be cheaper to buy a phone made of solid gold.

And people will still buy the damn things. I just...I, why? Meanwhile, the excellent little windows phone is pretty much on its last legs.


Oh my god, they got him! They've killed HeadphoneJack!

You monsters!

Poor bastard, he's only been around for decades helping us out with everything. I mean yeah, he was kind of fat at first but once he slimmed down he was everywhere.

They simply found new tricks to sell accessories to people who always want to buy their new models despite its excessive prices. And they would be wrong to deprive themselves if I judge by the crowds that we have seen hurry to buy it....


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