Sniper Elite 4 Will Let You Kill Hitler Again in Its Pre-Order Mission

Sniper Elite 4 Will Let You Kill Hitler Again in Its Pre-Order Mission

The newest Sniper Elite 4 trailer shows off a look at gameplay, as well as the "Target Fuhrer" pre-order bonus mission.

The Sniper Elite series is coming back with a fourth installment early next year, and there's a new trailer showing off some gameplay. If you've played any of the previous entries in the series, you know what to expect. Some sneaking around, some sniping, and a whole lot of slow-mo internal damage.

If you noticed someone familiar at the the end there, that's because the pre-order bonus campaign mission will let you hunt down Hitler and take him out. When you try to assassinate the commander of a secret Nazi U-boat base, you find that Hitler got there before you and saved you the trouble. Of course, you then take on the task of removing the Fuhrer himself. It's a replayable mission, so you can try any number of ways to eliminate him.

Sniper Elite 4 is scheduled to launch on February 14, 2017, because who doesn't want to let their sweetheart do a little bone-breaking, organ-pulping damage for Valentine's Day?


X-ray cam on coop or bust.

My dad absolutely loves these games, but the biggest let down of the series so far has been the kill hitler missions. They just aren't that good compared to the rest of the content in the games.

Still, my dad will be happy there's another game coming.

Sorry, but once Hitman let me kill Gary Busey, I couldn't go back to Hitler. You have to understand my position here.

Considering how the allied powers ended up viewing the option of assassinating Hitler, the idea of this mission is pretty amusing.

Nothing beats nailing Hitler in the nut sack

Why not change it up a bit and have a mission where you kill Stalin?

Comrade Stalin is feeling all lonely on his own.


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