New Dead Rising 4 Trailer Sends Frank West Back to the Mall

New Dead Rising 4 Trailer Sends Frank West Back to the Mall

Dead Rising 4 is sending Frank West back to where the series began: The Willamette Parkview Mall.

The newest Dead Rising 4 trailer, title "Return to the Mall," shows off Frank West in a very familiar location: the mall from the original Dead Rising. As you'd expect when making a trip to the mall, he'll hit up the food court for lunch, shop for some new clothes, and of course, runs into way too many zombies.

Frank West may be back, but if the YouTube comments on the trailer are any indication, series fans aren't pleased that the original voice actor, TJ Rotolo, isn't playing the part. They've even created a petition on to bring him back, but it's highly unlikely to have any effect.

Dead Rising 4 is scheduled to launch December 6 on PC and Xbox One.


I will only approve of these selfies, if they will allow me to use a selfie stick, to beat zombies to death with it, and to take pictures of myself while doing so... other than that, not a fan of that feature, because, selfies are stupid.

Frank looks oddly younger in this game

They should keep Rotolo. He's covered wars you know.


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