Is Rockstar Teasing a Red Dead Redemption Announcement?

Is Rockstar Teasing a Red Dead Redemption Announcement?

The official Rockstar Twitter appears to be teasing an upcoming Red Dead Redemption announcement of sorts.

There may possibly be some good news in the works for all you Red Dead Redemption fans. The official Rockstar Twitter account just posted the following image:

As you can see, it is the Rockstar Games official logo in the style of Red Dead Redemption. At least, that's the leading theory so far, as the image wasn't accompanied by any other information and fans are basically wildly speculating.

That said, a RDR announcement makes sense, although it may not be RDR 2. Last month we heard a report that a HD re-master and PC port of the original game was in the works. This teaser could be Rockstar leading up to an official announcement.

At this stage, there's really not much to go on. We'll be keeping a close eye on the Rockstar Twitter over the coming week to see if anything develops.

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If it really is an HD remaster\PC port, hopefully they cleaned out the thrown together mess that the code apparently was. Hell, that was a major reason why it never left consoles back in the day, if memory serves (along with not wanting another round of the PC port of GTA4).

I would prefer Red Dead 3, but remasters are pretty much always a surefire way of a AAA company actually making enough money to fuel their cocaine habit the development of a new game. Doesn't mean I'm buying this one though, I already have the GOTY Edition and I can play on the Xbox One.

Take your time,'s not like you were planning on a large E3 presence and another at gamescon, while letting both pass by in complete silence as you hope nobody notices. I guess it could be tempering the hype, in which case, just announce it on the day it is released. Hell, say nothing at all and see how long it takes people to notice a new title on the shelves and storefronts. Marketing isn't really needed in this case. Though I wonder how tight their security must be for the lack of leaks they seem to have. Do they keep every employee's closest loved ones in underground captivity as insurance for their unwavering loyalty?

I think they should put Redemption AND Revolver on Steam, cause I will buy them.

I'll be excited if the announcement includes a Steam PC port of the game (that doesn't suck). Getting excited before the fact is too depressing in the long run.

Provided the port is good I'll scoop it right up on Pc.

Now they really are just teasing...


Man, I sure am excited for the seven new Western-themed DLC characters for GTAV.

Okay, it's confirmed. You guys can inflate your hype balloons (they just confirmed RDR2 on Facebook).

Okay, it's confirmed. You guys can inflate your hype balloons (they just confirmed RDR2 on Facebook).

And, surprise surprise, PC users are left out again. Thanks Obama.


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