Civilization VI Pre-Load Kicks Off Alongside New Launch Trailer

Civilization VI Pre-Load Kicks Off Alongside New Launch Trailer

The launch of Civilization VI is almost here: get the details on pre-loading and watch the new launch trailer!

Civilization VI launches this Friday, and 2K has kicked off pre-loading today. If you already pre-ordered the game on Steam, all you need to do is head to your library, and start downloading.

If you're wondering when the game goes live in your area, 2K and Firaxis have prepared this handy map to tell you:



2K has also released the launch trailer for Civ VI, which shows you how one couple progresses through the years from triremes to space shuttles. As an aside, that's a pretty impressive lifespan.

Here's the new trailer:

If you did pre-order any version of the game, don't forget that you'll receive early access to the Aztec Civilization Pack. After the game has been out 90 days, the Aztec Civ will be available to all players at no charge.

Civilization VI launches this Friday, October 21 on PC.


I'm perfectly okay with sean bean becoming the next morgan freeman (a.k.a. narrates a shit ton of stuff), his voice is extremely soothing for trailers like this.

Hopefully this civilization switches it up enough from civ V, I had fun with that, but I'm going to lose interest if it's just civ V with a new skin.

Wait- that's when the game goes live? Not when pre-loading is available? Okay, putting aside the stupidity of staggered launch times for a downloaded file (do they have the ship the bandwidth in from Maryland?), why the blacked-out countries? I can understand North Korea and Iran, but while Syria has essentially ceased to a exist as a political entity and Burma's still a great big mess, why refuse to allow downloads there altogether? And what's with Sudan and Eritrea? And that-possibly-just-a-problem-with-my-monitor in what looks like southern Serbia?

I'm pre loading it but steam tell me it's just 3.9 gb... so is it staggered pre loading or something?

I rather liked that trailer!

I'm hoping the best for this game.


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