Mario And Pikachu Team Up For Exclusive Pokemon Center Merch

Mario And Pikachu Team Up For Exclusive Pokemon Center Merch

Get your butt over to Japan (or find someone who lives there) to get your hands on this sweet Mario X Pikachu crossover merch.

In another one of those "cool things Japan is getting that the west will probably never see," Nintendo has teamed up with The Pokemon Company to bring some super sweet Mario X Pikachu crossover merchandise to the Pokemon Center.

As well as the adorable plushies of Pikachu dressed up as Mario and Luigi, there are special Mario-themed Pokemon trading cards, game cases, keychains, notebooks, and more.

Check all the merch out out below:

We've reached out to Nintendo to see if any of this will make its way to the American Pokemon Center but don't hold your breath, as Japan often gets cool exclusives like this! They'll go on sale in Japan from October 29.

Source: The Pokemon Center


I ... what ... why ... the heck?

I can see somebody at the board room meeting finally breaking the silence.
"Fuck it"
"Mario Pikachu?"
"Mario Pikachu"

I ... what ... why ... the heck?

Money dear boy. 20 years of Pokemon. 30 of Mario last year.

I want that Luigi pikachu.

That is butt-ugly. Fire whoever was responsible for this.

...I didn't know until now that I need Pika-Luigi in my life.

Why does Japan always keep this stuff to itself??? I so want that Mario Pikachu plushie.
Shut up!

I mean, on paper it makes sense: people like Mario, people like Pokemon (of which Pikachu is the mascot).

...Just a shame it looks so awful. I'd much rather have Kirby plushes with his different absorptions.

The poster is pretty cool though.


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