Update: Hello Games Claims Accounts Were Hacked, Prior Statements "Fake"

Update: Hello Games Claims Accounts Were Hacked, Prior Statements "Fake"

A tweet from the official Hello Games Twitter account claims that "No Man's Sky was a mistake," but the source of the tweet remains unclear.

Update 2: A new tweet (below) from the Hello Games twitter account claims a hack, also stating that email contact with journalists and the original tweet were "fake."

Update: A somewhat confusing series of tweets from Sean Murray's Twitter account appears to discuss a server hack, as well as Mr Robot. The source of the tweet from the original story remains unclear.

It's not immediately clear if any of the statements previously provided via email were legitimate, or if the email addresses in question were compromised, nor is it clear whether the above tweets are from Murray. We will update this story with any new developments.

Original: British indie studio Hello Games has remained relatively quiet since the release of No Man's Sky in August - until today, that is. A tweet originating from the official Hello Games Twitter account this morning simply stated "No Man's Sky was a mistake."


The tweet has since been deleted and the account set to protected, meaning only confirmed followers can view the account's activity. An archive of the tweet, along with some of the comments prior to the tweet's deletion, can be found here, and it is still appearing on Hello Games' website.

Studio lead Sean Murray appears to have spoken with Polygon, saying: "The tweet is from me, but somebody from the team took it down. We have not been coping well."

However, Forbes reports that a representative of Hello Games was blaming a "disgruntled employee" and that the studio is "currently trying to sort out the issue."

It was confirmed in September that the UK's Advertising Standard Authority had launched an investigation into the game after receiving "several complaints" that advertisements for the game were misleading. The investigation focused heavily on the game's Steam page, and the complaints includeded videos and screenshots, with specifics ranging from ship flying behavior and combat to the size and behavior of animals and creatures, along with the quality of graphics.


Well, at least it isn't nothing but trash. At least it's colourful. Sure, it's colourful in the same way that a plate in an Interesting Diseases ward is, but it's something to look at until you go blind from it.

But yes, Fucked It.

Holy shit... Sean Murray must be having a total breakdown. Guess that's what you get when you lie about your game and swindle people out of their money.

Holy shit... Sean Murray must be having a total breakdown. Guess that's what you get when you lie about your game and swindle people out of their money.

I'm sure he'll be fine once again when he looks at his bank balance.

Holy shit... Sean Murray must be having a total breakdown.

Sounds even worse than that, someone is trying to stage a coup.

Well that's the fist honest thing they've said in years. BOOSH!

So the tweet was from a disgruntled employee, a hacker, and also Sean Murray himself. Even now they just can't help themselves but keep making crap up. Pretty sure Hello Games will struggle to get any traction on another game again regardless of who tweeted that so I don't really get what they feel like they stand to gain with a pointless new web of lies.

You want me to BELIEVE anything from you HG? After NMS? No.. wait.. wait.. let me .. HAHAHAHA!

Ok.. ok seriously, your trying to sell me that someone hacked your companies website, Seans email AND twitter at the same time? That it was all fake, totally not Sean having a deserved crisis (or) that a employee (totally not Sean) did it?

Can we please just have a court ruling they get no profits from this mess and go to jail for a year? That'd be nifty.

"We're binging Mr Robot Episodes as quickly as we can looking for answers."

BEST... COMEBACK... EVARRRR after a hack!!! :D

A part of me is saying that all this is just more bullshit on their part to stay relevant? Come on it's Hello Games.

Them just staying quiet even after all that seems suspicious or that their dedication to staying quiet is immense.

"Back to work" huh? I wonder what exactly that entails over there?

This is the longest-running trainwreck I've ever seen.

I can't wait to see how Star Citizen will top this one.

It took this to get him to step out of hiding.

Okay, everybody: Raise your hand if you think he was just drunk.

*Raises own hand*

It's just the dumpsterfire that just keeps on re-lighting, isn't it? I swear all the kerfuffle around No Man's Sky was dying down, but this confusing turn of events has just breathed new life onto the embers of internet rage.

On the plus side, at least it got people talking about No Man's Sky again.

Well this was useful, reminded me that I need to uninstall that "thing" from my HD, gathering dust all this months..
Nevermind, it was uninstalled.


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