Here's How You Sign Up for the Mass Effect: Andromeda Multiplayer Beta

Here's How You Sign Up for the Mass Effect: Andromeda Multiplayer Beta


There will be a multiplayer beta for Mass Effect: Andromeda, and you can sign up for it now.

Yesterday was N7 Day, and that meant that we got some new details about Mass Effect: Andromeda including a cinematic trailer. We also learned that loyalty missions will be included in the new title, even if they aren't as central to the experience as they were in previous games.

There was also a brief mention of the game's multiplayer, which producer Fernando Melo expanded on a bit on Twitter. He said that if you liked the multiplayer in Mass Effect 3, "you should feel right at home." More interesting was the mention shortly thereafter that you can now sign up for the chance to try out the multiplayer beta and offer your feedback.

Melo went on to say in a subsequent tweet that Andromeda's multiplayer wouldn't be as tied into single-player as Mass Effect 3's was. There's also a disappointing note: there's no planned multiplayer beta for PC.

If you're looking to get signed up for the beta, you need to head over to the Bioware Beacon site. Mass Effect: Andromeda is scheduled to release in the Spring of 2017.


Hey, anyone who signs up to this and gets a chance to play, come back and tell us how it was. I have no interest in this game whatsoever, but I`m intrigued to see if it has any redeeming factor.

No beta on PC?
Fuck you, EA.

Sincerely, me.

Yes! ME3 multiplayer was one of my things to play back on 360.

No joke. When I seeing that thumbnail, my first through was, who's this douche. :/ Add on that Asari and I'm really concerned about the art direction of ME4.

Ah, the fun times to be had in ME3 Mp! Like farming Galactic Readiness for different endings in a supposedly single player game!

I hope this one turns out to be a real blast aswell!

No beta on PC?
Fuck you, EA.

Sincerely, me.

They did it with Titanfall 2, so not too surprised.

Multiplayer beta for Mass Effect? Who in his sane mind is looking forward freaking multiplayer in Mass Effect!?

*secretly deletes his comments praising the ME3 multiplayer and signs up for the beta with a different name*

As I always said, ME3 multiplayer was garbage!

Eh, I'm willing to give it a shot. The big problem with the Mass Effect multiplayer was how you HAD to play it to get better endings in the single player. On its own, it was relatively fun, especially with friends.

I say I'm willing to, not that I am, because there is no option for a PC beta, only consoles. I'm sure this bodes well for the quality of the PC release. I want it to be good, I truly do... but hope is a fragile thing, so I shall refrain from raising it, and leave it upon the ground.

ME3 MP was fun, really needed more variety but is a good team experience. On even the middling-high difficulty levels it's pretty much mandatory to work together or you're doomed.

I don't know how I missed this news post until now, but I'm all signed up. And boy did that take some time...Had to find my old Mass Effect 3 information like how much time I sunk into it and the MP, how well I ranked and stuff...Certainly brought back some good memories.

Here's hoping I can get into this beta, cause I absolutely loved the MP from ME3 and sunk many a dollar into it as well, cause I suck and couldn't even win Silver matches reliably.


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