Valve Updates Steam Store with New Functionality to Help With Game Discovery

Valve Updates Steam Store with New Functionality to Help With Game Discovery

The latest major update to Steam adds options for customization and discoverability.

If you have logged into Steam today, you probably noticed that the storefront looks a lot different. That's because the newest update to Steam, titled Discovery Update 2.0, has made some major changes. Valve says that the new update adds "new tools, features and functionality" that "give you even more control over your browsing experience."


You'll find that the update adds direct links to common destinations in the store, as well as a section that shows products you have recently viewed. You'll also see Steam deals featured prominently, as well as what your friends are doing.

The featured section now includes expanded information about the games shown there, including tags, screenshots, and notes from curators or friends. You can check out all of the updates on the home page of your Steam store, or you can see Valve's page highlighting of all the changes right here. Those changes should come in handy now that the holiday Steam sale dates have leaked.


And the overall feedback is that people hate it, from what I can tell because "Steam Discovery" is pretty bad. I looked at the game it recommended me and so far, I have 688 "Not interested" and ZERO games bought or put on my wishlist because of it.
And you can't even disable most of the stuff shown in the top banner anymore, despite it being possible in the previous version (meaning you now get bombarded with "Recommended Games" that you don't have any interest in)

I don't mind the new layout. I like it to some degree, maybe because it's something fresh. But Steam discovery was always bad and still is.

Every time I get used to their stupid changes, THEY CHANGE IT

It's basically gone from one type of hot mess to another, really.

Each an every one of the recommended games are not in any tangible way pertaining to my interests in the furthest reaches of decent sense!

Is there an automatic sorting function for my library yet? The kind that have existed on third party sites for fucking ever?


Then I don't care. Until Valve puts a fraction of the effort they put into advertising crap, into sorting the crap I already have, I have zero interest in any of these kind of updates.


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