That New Yu-Gi-Oh! Movie Has Made Good Money in Japan

That New Yu-Gi-Oh! Movie Has Made Good Money in Japan

Yu-Gi-Oh! is apparently still quite popular in Japan.

I think I stopped paying attention to Yu-Gi-Oh! as soon as the characters of the show started riding motorcycles, but I have to admit that the prospect of revisiting characters from the original series gives me a little bit of excitement. And that's exactly what's happened with Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions, a new movie starring characters from the original series.

In Japan, the movie was released in April and is still opening in new cinemas. To date, it's grossed more than 1 billion yen, or US$9 million, which isn't something at which to scoff. For comparison's sake, the last Yu-Gi-Oh! movie, 2010's Bonds Beyond Time, only took in US$2 million.

For the English dub, Dan Green and Eric Stuart will reprise their roles as Yami Yugi and Seto Kaiba respectively. The film will hit North American cinemas - albeit more than likely in a very limited release - on January 27, 2017.

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork


The LittleKuribo BBS abridged version was quite brilliant! Hope he does this one too!
Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged for life! ;)

I stopped watching Yu-Gi-Oh the minute Marik was defeated, and I couldn't get into the Yu-Gi-Oh series after it with the Kids going to a Dual Monsters School.

Regardless, I'm glad that Yu-Gi-Oh is still making good money. I might look at the Abridged version of the film if LittleKuribo does it.

That still exists? I thought they moved onto other characters, and then died. Honestly, Yu-gi-oh is one of the few properties from my childhood that I can't even get nostalgic over. Good for them, though, hopefully the kids loved it.

Yeah I'm waiting for the dub of this movie cuz arc v got me back into the series cuz the format is even faster and ludicrous

Ugh never liked the dub variant of yugioh, call me a weeb, but I like alot of other dubs, and Dan Green is a lovely man, but I never thought his voice fit Yugi at all. And the voice they gave Bakura... AND Marik come to think of it. Fucking hell makes me cringe to this day. Jounouchi (Joey) was the only one I think fit, Brooklyn Joey just fits. I'll allow it.

So much miscasting.

That said I look forward to abridged, but I'll be taking this drink, subbed, hold the 4kids cast please. No sugar.

Also this Movie is based on the Manga ending/events from what I hear, so that means Bakura is actually like...y'know there. As a character. Seto Kaiba never saw Atem leave and is slightly more crazy than Anime Kaiba. And shit is slightly more grim. (The shadow realm was a 4kids lie the only parameters in which the shadow realm existed was 'where monsters live')

I never much liked any of the original Yu-Gi-Oh animes (Toei, DM, DM dub) compared to the manga. However, given that this movie supposedly takes place in the same continuity of the manga rather than the DM anime, I'm a bit more optimistic about this movie.


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