Man At Arms Builds Genji's Sword from Overwatch

Man At Arms Builds Genji's Sword from Overwatch

If you've ever wondered what Genji's sword (and shuriken) would look like in real life, this is your chance to find out.

Man At Arms: Reforged has made some pretty amazing stuff, from Halo's Gravity Hammer and Geralt's swords from The Witcher 3, among other things. Now they've turned their awesome talents to replicating one of the more interesting weapons from Overwatch: Genji's sword.

As you can see, they manage to not only recreate the sword itself, but the lighting effects as well. It's a pretty amazing piece of work that would look on great on anyone's wall. Especially mine (hint, hint).


They looked like they were having so much fun at the end.

Beautiful, if completely impractical.


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