Battlefield 1 Getting New Custom Game Mode for Medics and Scouts This Week

Battlefield 1 Getting New Custom Game Mode for Medics and Scouts This Week


DICE is adding another custom game mode to Battlefield 1, and this one is only for Medics and Scouts.

DICE added the first custom game mode, Fog of War, to Battlefield 1 in early November. The developer has announced that the second custom game mode will be released this week.

The new custom game is Line of Sight. It's a variation of Rush that only offers the Medic and Scout classes. As a twist, Scouts will enjoy double bullet damage, which makes the job of the Medics more challenging and more vital to your team's success.

It sounds like the new mode will be interesting, but I worry that finding enough people to take up the role of Medic in this mode will be a challenge. After all, every Battlefield player has experienced the problem of having too many snipers on a team. This mode could exacerbate that by making the snipers even more powerful.

Battlefield 1 players can look forward to the new map Giant's Shadow later this month, as well as the first expansion for the game, They Shall Not Pass, in March 2017.


People don't want stupid custom game modes like this...

They want real trench warfare, maybe medic weapons only and you all spawn in trench lines and have charge and defend them when you get the order with 0 tanks or planes.

Double sniper damage basically means one-shot body shots out to some pretty crazy ranges, and negates the whole sweet spot mechanic. That's gonna be.... Well, I'm not sure I'd say fun without trying it first hand (Genuinely could go either way, I feel), but its definitely something different.


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