Let it Die is Now Available for Free on PlayStation 4

Let it Die is Now Available for Free on PlayStation 4

"You're a gamer, aren't you?

Let it Die, the latest title from Grasshopper Manufacture and GungHo Online Entertainment, is now available exclusively on PlayStation 4. The game's release was announced alongside a trailer, below, at PlayStation Experience 2016.

Set in post-apocalyptic 2026, the grungy, bloody free-to-play survival game finds the player navigating through the game, starting off with nothing but your underwear and...well, that's it. I was able to get some hands-on time with the game at PAX West, and it's definitely challenging - challenging enough that PlayStation has a convenient quick guide for you to look over before jumping in.

"Let it Die is a chaotic and gory tour de force from Grasshopper," said Kazuki Morishita, President and CEO of GungHo Online Entertainment. "We are proud to share with the world and our fans one of the bloodiest and most over-the-top games they will ever experience."

"Let it Die from start to finish is a mainline injection of adrenaline and mayhem," said Hideyuki Shin, Director, Grasshopper Manufacture. "Our team spent countless hours to ensure we deliver quality gameplay experience, full of action, great content and memorable characters that gamers have come to expect from Grasshopper."


You seem to be missing most of the article... Am I the only one that feels like the article ended rather abruptly?

You seem to be missing most of the article... Am I the only one that feels like the article ended rather abruptly?

Yeah typically there's a little bit at the end, a bit more of "Let it Die is currently blah blah, it seems a bit this and that" you know, just...final-word stuff. But eh, I guess this game is pretty straight to the point so I think the article is fine. Short but fine.

Anyway, regardless, I love this reaper dude's design. Seriously, he just looks neat!

They're probably preparing a longer review for a different post.

You can efficiently sum the game up as "slightly less frustrating Dark Souls", which... I don't think I was expecting.

And the second mid-boss is one of the worst things I've ever seen in any game ever. But this is coming from someone who effectively hates the Souls series so this probably wasn't made for me. That being said, I like the style and aesthetic of it, the characters are pretty likable so far and it ISN'T as frustrating as the Souls games so it has that going. It still feels a little tedious though.

Won't lie. When I saw the title my first thought was "Wow Disney got really edgy all of a sudden."

Suda...51? Huh, I would've thought that would be a bit more highlighted, considering their cult status. Anyhow, I tried it last night after getting back home sliiiightly less sober than the average bear, and what little I remember of it was alright. Very Suda 51-y. Definitely not made for inebriated bears though, but a F2P game that doesn't require a psn subscription and contains a skateboarding grim-reaper is generally a win in my wooden ivy-covered books.

So I've given the game an hour or 2 and it started out fine. Hard, but manageable mostly. And then I ran into the problem I expected to find the moment I read something in the tutorial.

When you die, you leave a zombie basically that wanders around where it died wearing your equipment. And then I read that OTHER peoples zombies get put into your game as well with their stats and whatnot. Once I read that, I had flashbacks to stupid dark souls 1 assholes invading the start of the game with end game materials. Now my first run through the first level was fine, there was a player zombie at level 1 with no equipment, so surely they were a newbie who died in a shitty situation, because I almost did in that exact spot. Then on my very next run through that level, I learned how to level up, so I had a couple points spent, and where that level 1 zombie spawned, was now a level 25 zombie with full equipment and dual weapons. I had to run ALL the way back to the start of the level just to get enough space between us to heal up fight it and another regular enemy that tagged along. Pro-tip, enemies never lose aggro, so once you're in a fight, you are not safe.

Really annoying experience that was repeated on my very next attempt, only this time the zombie had 2 pipe wrenches instead of guns, and stun locked me nearly to death with just 3-4 hits.

They also use the touch pad for using items outside the start menu, but you run your finger across it to change items, and it's not reliable at all. You skip over multiple items most times and need to focus on moving your finger in just the right way to change items. This is terrible to have to focus so hard on something like this in the middle of a fight.

A pretty interesting and fun start to a game was quickly soured for me, don't know if I'll be giving it much more of a chance.

And on the very next attempt at level 1 after writing this post, I ran into a level 28 zombie with chainsaws that took nearly all of my 300 health in a single attack. I've lost complete interest in the game, since level 1 has the most insane "difficulty" spike in it after a single visit, I can't imagine level 2 or above is any different in it's bullshittery. Which is a shame, because this is all because people maxed out their starting characters and literally dropped them on level 1 to farm shit from killing people like me.

Anybody know how to download it? I am unable to find this game in my ps4 store. May be need some voucher code or something else?
PS: US PS4 store.

Anybody know how to download it? I am unable to find this game in my ps4 store. May be need some voucher code or something else?
PS: US PS4 store.

Have you tried looking under the "free to play" tab in the game section of the online store? It should be one of the later ones at the top, with a bold white and black with a bit of red thumbnail. Not sure if the US has any delay for the game, haven't heard of any yet.

So there is no role of the playstation plus codes to get games from the playstation network because I have pay healthy amount for buy it.If anything related please make me aware.


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