Skyrim Mod Enderal Getting a Full-Fledged Expansion

Skyrim Mod Enderal Getting a Full-Fledged Expansion

One of the largest Skyrim mods is getting even bigger - with a brand new expansion pack.

The SureAI team is well known in the Elder Scrolls community. First, it developed the Nehrim - At Fate's Edge mod for Oblivion, and then followed that up with an even bigger project: Enderal for Skyrim. Released in German back in July, and in English in August, Enderal added a new, standalone storyline set in its own world. Featuring anywhere from 30-100 hours of gameplay, it was a huge, detailed mod.

Apparently, that wasn't enough gameplay for the Sure AI folks, as they've announced today that there's am expansion pack in the works. According to the announcement post, Enderal: Forgotten Stories will add 10-20 hours of new quest content. It's being created by Nicolas Lietzau, one of the project leads, and he's being helped out by "a small part of the SureAI team." He's even paying for the development out of his own pocket. To give you a glimpse of what's in the expansion, there's a brand new trailer:

The new expansion will include:

  • Two guild quest-lines: Join the Golden Sickle, Enderal's most influential merchants' guild and experience an exceptional non-linear story that deals with intrigue and greed. Delve into the secrets behind the Rhal?ta, the mysterious cult ruling the Undercity.
  • A story mission revolving around the Sea Of Eventualities and Yuslan Sha'Rim's past
  • A quest shedding light on the Veiled Woman's origins
  • A mission that allows the player to explore in detail the death of a certain character
  • A secret ending for the main-quest
  • New bounty missions
  • Professional localization in both German and English (starring, amongst others, Dave Fennoy from "The Walking Dead" and Lani Minella from "Skyrim")
  • New weapons and sets
  • Several game-play changes and additions, such as hidden talents, rebalanced and overhauled crafting skills, high-level crafting, and enchantment that makes investing in craftsmanship a lot more rewarding.

There's a lot more info about the expansion, as well as a FAQ, over in the announcement post on the SureAI forums.


Elder Scrolls modders are surely the moddiest modders out there these days, long may that continue.

I wish other publishers would note that you can often sell the same game for a decade and people will keep buying it if you let them play with the tool kit once you're finished.


How are they funding this?

I can't play Enderal as I'm not on PC, but I am going through an LP of it at the moment. It's got some issues, but damn, it's an impressive work in all kinds of ways. The modding community continues to show Bethesda up.

I wish other publishers would note that you can often sell the same game for a decade and people will keep buying it if you let them play with the tool kit once you're finished.

Modding on console's a slightly different culture, obviously, but Fallout 4 on Xbox was an excellent step in the right direction. If mods are to really take off, consoles (or at least MS and the lazy and/or variously daft gits at Sony) need to support them, which means more companies providing those tools. The more platforms that support modding, the better for everyone - including the publishers.

I'm supporting mods on PS4 the best I can ._.

I'm using:

Sadly PS4 mods are lacking in variety for the most part. There are way too many of them that are near identical copies of each other. When we do get something cool its usually been gutted of most of its features due to Sony. There are plenty of great ones I don't personally use though, and its still way better than last gen Skyrim. I still watch MXR and dream though.

I support all mods everywhere, and would love it if more games on consoles could have them.

People with almost no budget and working on their spare time create a game that puts to shame 80% of what's been released this year.

This industry is kind of broken...


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