Super Mario Run Hits 40 Million Downloads in Four Days

Super Mario Run Hits 40 Million Downloads in Four Days

Mario's first leap to mobile has broken App Store records.

Nintendo has announced that the company's first proper smartphone game, Super Mario Run, was downloaded more than 40 million times in its first four days after release on iOS - breaking the App Store record. Additionally, the company stated that the game ranks first in the "free" chart of the app store in 140 of the 150 countries and regions where it is available, as well as ranking in the top 10 for best grossing games in 100 different global markets.

Phil Schiller, Apple's Senior Vice President of Marketing, is quoted in the announcement confirming the information.

Super Mario Run released on December 15 on iOS, and requires a constant internet connection in order to play the game. It is set to release for Android devices in 2017.


Them 2 star reviews though.

People didn't expect to have to drop $10 to get more than 3 levels of game. And online requirement.

And from what I've read elsewhere (Don't remember where exactly, at the moment), the download to buy rate is roughly 8-10%. So that's about just shy of 4 million actual sales for SMR. And that 8-10% is a number most mobile games wish they could get, standard conversion rate being roughly 2%.

So 40+ million at 8%, which is $10 per game would be at least $32 million made off the game. Apple takes a 30% cut, that's still nearly $23 million made off SMR. $23 million in a week off of a Nintendo mobile game with a Buy to Play model, in a market that lives off Free to Start games.


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