"Prey Won't Have PC Launch Issues" Claims Arkane

"Prey Won't Have PC Launch Issues" Claims Arkane


That's a very bold statement to make.

Something that has always been a bit of a problem, but has made much worse in recent years with high-profile releases like Batman: Arkham Aslyum and Mafia 3 is shoddy PC ports. PC gamers are sick of being treated as "second class citizens," with ports being fundamentally broken on release. For what it's worth, developer Arkane studios claims that its upcoming Prey will have no PC issues at launch.

This is somewhat significant because Arkane were also behind Dishonored 2, which, while being a pretty great game, suffered from some major optimization issues with its PC port.

Prey's creative director Raphael Colantonio assures players that PC optimization is not a cause for concern this time around because Arkane is "paying double attention" to it.

"We've had a rough launch on the PC with Dishonored 2. In development, you never exactly know what you're going to see, especially on the PC with so many configurations and stuff. Unfortunately it is what it is -- it shipped, then it got patched and now it runs really well. Of course, we are paying double attention to make sure that this time the PC version is really flawless when we ship."

Colantonio stresses that Prey's PC port will have more QA time, and as the game is based on the CryEngine, rather than Dishonored 2's brand new engine, it shouldn't be as big of an issue.

It's a very bold statement to make. We'll have to see if it holds any water when Prey releases this year.

Source: Dark Side of Gaming


Bold words, Arkane. If you pull it off, you'll have my respect. But you might as well say "My gasoline won't catch fire", because PC's are volatile and finicky things.

Prediction: They'll create a wonderful port, well-optimized, with low requirements for minimum but high maximum settings, and all around exactly what people want out of a PC game... and then pull a Dead Island and accidentally upload a dev build to Steam instead of the intended release version.

P.S. Thanks

A quote comes to mind from Cracked. Let's see if I can find it...

Ah, here it is.

"There's a line between tempting fate and dressing up in a low-cut gown, lying on a bed covered in thousand dollar bills and purring 'Oh Fate, you big handsome stud.'"

Which means it's going to be a fucking mess when it's uploaded. Sorry guys, it's just... after all the AAA games that have been dropped on us half-finished, I don't really get filled with confidence when someone goes 'Don't worry, this time it won't be a horrible, buggy mess of a launch!'.

To be perfectly honest I cannot remember a damn thing I had read or seen about Prey 2. Since it appeared to abandon the whole bounty hunter shtick I never kept up with it and have no further intention of doing so. If it turns out okay and the port is good then kudos to them and I might check it out otherwise I will probably forget about it again.

That's all good and well, but could we maybe just get the game we saw in that teaser trailer like 6 years ago? The one set to Johnny Cash? Yeah that would be nice...


Yeah... so Arkane, you're more than likely going to be eating those words.

I am reminded of something...

Oh, Arkane, you foolish bastards. You have thrown caution to the wind with that statement.

Did they ever fix Dishonored 2?

Did they ever fix Dishonored 2?

They actually did

Arkane studios claims that its upcoming Prey will have no PC issues at launch.

Exactly.. but after the game launches.. phew...

Maybe it won't. But maybe it will be a boring game and it won't matter how well optimized it is. Optimization is not the only reason to wait for some reviews.

When "It'll work!" is considered a bold promise, you know things have gone downhill somewhere along the line.

Steven Bogos:
PC gamers are sick of being treated as "second class citizens,"

Maybe if they stop treating others the same way they won't get treated so badly.

Oh but there will indeed be PC Launch Issues. So long as a game is getting a Console release simultaneiously, there will be PC port problems. This is likely by design.

FOllow the pattern. PC game releases and
Oh Noes! Glitches, slow performance, bugs, etc.
There's a Day 0 patch but ohg noes, more bugs. THere are mor patches.
Fast forward about 3 months and the pC version is for the most part, finally hammered out.

Funny this happens all the time.

IT becomes less coincidental when you realize that this is the golkden window for instore retail. the first 3 months after a game comes out are typically when the deman is at it's peak and the retailer can command the maximum MSRP. Beyond 3 months you start seeing instore discounts as retailers try to clear room for the next new hotness.

WHy prioritize the retailers. Because they order copies by the 10's 50's and hundreds. They are like super pre-orders.

Hey, at least they're owning up to the fact that Dishonored 2 wasn't up to par on release. Any developer willing to admit to a mistake or fault gets a thumbs up in my book. Some developers/publishers rush out broken games and either never fix them or offer some half assed "check your system specifications" BS support.

Also, it was Arkham Knight that was the disaster. Not Asylum

I don't think I've ever heard a developer say, "Our PC port is going to be crap!"

"Sick of being treated as 'Second class citizens'" ...Bahahaha! Such nice melodrama there, wherever that quote is implied to originate from. Maybe they'll make an award winning film about this here a struggle against injustice, starring Oscar Isaac as the oppressor. The struggle is real, y'all (Insert hashtag wherever necessary). Oh Well, I guess it could be gg levels worse. Still gave a chuckle though, a redeeming enough factor. It was a joke, right?

Well, they're working with Bethesda, I feel they are being overly optimistic.

Having said that Wolfesntein and Doom both had good PC releases so they at least have a chance.

It just occured to me how much the monsters in New Prey look like the Umbra from 40k.

Really the only things I even know about this new version of Prey not-2 is that there are inky monsters that look a whole lot like the ones from the original preview of the XCOM shooter, and you can turn into a coffee cup.


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