Sony Announces Glacier White PS4 Slim, but Only for EU and Japan So Far

Sony Announces Glacier White PS4 Slim, but Only for EU and Japan So Far


Sony is bring a Glacier White version of the PS4 Slim to retail, but there's no word on when or if it might make it to North America.

If you were holding out for a white PS4 Slim, your wait is almost over, at least in Japan and the EU. Sony has announced that the newest PS4 Slim will be a Glacier White model.

The new unit will feature a 500 GB hard drive (the Japanese version will also have a 1 TB option) and will be bundled with a matching Glacier White DualShock 4. The European price will be €299, or £259 in the UK. The price for the two Japan versions hasn't been announced yet.

For the EU and Japan, the new PS4 will launch on January 24. There's still no word on if or when this new model will come to the US, or even if it will. I'd expect we'll see it in the states before too long, though.


I have made the mistake of choosing to buy white consoles in the past... After about a year they sure as heck don't look as nice anymore with the amount of dust and scuffs that naturally stands out on them. It kind of reminds me of how I had to have my white nissan washed every bloody week and it still always looked a bit dirty. =/

I'm still waiting for the FFVII PS4 bundle. It's not a question of if, but when.

White wouldn't look good under on my TV shelf but it is nice to have the option, I guess.

That said, Japan and EU only? Since when has Sony decided to shaft the US instead of Europe?

I just don't get this myself. When the PS4 Pro is available why would anyone buy the less powerful console at all?

"Oh yeah, it's the exact same PS4 console but we painted it white this time. GIVE US MORE MONEY. :D"


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