The JoyCon Holder Included With Nintendo Switch Doesn't Charge

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I swear Nintendo, you are like the Apple of gaming.

No your thinking of Blizzard.


Paragon Fury:

Do I need to buy it if I want to charge my joycons?

No. If you're not actively using them you can just put them back on the Switch and they'll charge.

You know. Like the Wii U gamepad does.

If you put your shit back when you're done with it, this will not bother you. If you leave your crap laying around everywhere, you could save yourself $30 and just stop doing that.

Good. I at least put it back/charge it overnight.

Phew this is not as bad as I thought then. I'll most probably be playing at home with the pro controller anyway so its not too much of a worry but it helps knowing that I can still charge them at least by essentially docking them on the console.

Upon closer inspection of this charging grip though its actually a really stupid choice on Ninty's part. Like legit the only big addition here is that you can plug a charging cable in it and charge the joy-cons like you would do a regular controller.

...Why isn't this just standard with the grip that comes out the box? From what I understand they're cutting where they can to keep the base console package price low but there's a line here and this kinda crosses it. Like I'm surprised they had the sense at least to not sell the Switch separately from the dock now that I think of it.

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