Subnautica's Castles and Coffee Update Adds Exactly That

Subnautica's Castles and Coffee Update Adds Exactly That

Subnautica grows bigger with every update, and the latest, Castles and Coffee, gives us more of a glimpse into the world's lore.

The world of Subnautica has just grown a little larger with the Castles and Coffee update that's just gone out. Similar in scope to the Dangerous Creatures update we saw last year, Castles and Coffee adds a bunch of new features to the early access title. As the title of the update would suggest, A gigantic, undersea Precursor Base has been added deep within the Lava Castle biome, and various home improvements, including coffee and snack machines, have been added.

Here are some of the new features:

  • Beds - Lying in bed now allows players the option to skip night.
  • Trashcans - Now actual receptacles into which you can permanently throw things away.
  • Coffee Machine - Now pours a caffeine jolt for late night research.
  • Luggage Bag - The luggage bag now does exactly what it should do: It stores things!
  • Vending Machine - Craving a snack? Look no further. Guaranteed to not get stuck.
  • Lab Trashcan - Dispose of your used Nuclear Reactor Rods safely!
  • Explore the new Precursor Base to find new blueprints for the new Ion Battery & Ion Powercell, glimpses of ancient droids, and more.

Additionally, the patch comes with a number of performance and stability fixes, as well as improvements to the game's ping system, gravsphere, and air bladder.

It's free to download on PC right now!

Source: Unknown Worlds.


I really hope this website follows through with a full review of this game once it comes out of Early Access. It's too excellent not to get the full attention of the gaming community.

This one of those cases of early access done right. A fair price up front followed by steady updates that continue to build on and improve the base game, also it taught me I'm afraid of the deep water because a reaper leviathan will come out of nowhere and ruin everything I've ever loved.

I haven't heard shit about this game, but just hearing there's an update called "Castles and Coffee" makes meme really want to buy it!


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