Respawn Outlines Next Few Months of Titanfall 2 DLC

Respawn Outlines Next Few Months of Titanfall 2 DLC

Respawn and EA have shared a road map for upcoming Titanfall 2 DLC.

In a post today, Respawn has shared some details about what DLC you can expect to see for Titanfall 2.

The first is previously announced new game mode Live Fire, a 6v6 best-of-five mode where you have one minute to either take down all enemy pilots or hold a neutral flag when time runs out to win the round. The mode - which is set to arrive in February - will be accompanied by two maps, Stacks and Meadow, are "tight, enclosed death boxes" that are only available for Live Fire.

In March, players can expect to see a new/old map - Colony. You may recognize it from the original Titanfall.

"I'm personally thrilled to see this one making a comeback and it's starting to look great with a new coat of paint," the post reads. "That's all I can say for now but expect all this and more down the road. This is just a tease of all the stuff we're working on."

Just like all other post-launch content for the game, this DLC content will be free.


How about starting with a campaign that's not less than 3 hours?! Love the game and mechanics, riot of fun, but holy shit only like 2 big robot battles in the whole campaign?! The start of the last mission with the d-day landing, and then the end of the last mission with wibbily wobbily space magic.

Release a DLC that triples the length of the single player campaign, make the Titan a little more customizable and you'll have my undying love and affection, at least until Zootopia 2 comes out.

Boneyard, come on Boneyard!

Given some of the ideas present in the campaign, I really, really want moving levels and extreme verticality. Titanfall 2's maps are far too flat. A level set in the factory would be cool, a level set in the factory's self re-arranging testing room would be even cooler.

While we're at it, more and randomly timed mobs, more critters and let's have some of those kaiju from the first game getting back into the mix, everything's better with Kaiju!

See, on one hand, im disappointed that all of the new map content so far will be Titanfall 1 maps, but on the other hand, im happy to see these maps return, as they are ultimately much better than the map offerings that TF2 had.

So, yay?

Yeah more TF2 content!

Hopefully they pick up the pace a little, and get on that UI update.

Hopefully they'll add more titan-friendly maps and not focus mainly on CoD-like maps and game modes.

This is less of a content 'roadmap' and more of a 'content pamphlet' IMHO. Other fans may have no problem mindlessly sucking Respawn's dick but this was severely underwhelming. I was hoping to have a vague idea of the intended content releases for the REST OF THE YEAR.

Rather DLC, let's call it updates, since it's free content.

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