Report: Deus Ex Franchise Put on Hiatus

Report: Deus Ex Franchise Put on Hiatus


A report is suggesting that a planned third game in the Deus Ex trilogy has been put on hold.

Eurogamer is reporting that Square Enix has drastically cut development on the Deus Ex franchise, going so far as to put a planned third title in the Human Revolution trilogy on hiatus for "the foreseeable future". The move is reportedly due to a shift in focus to its recently-announced multi-game Marvel project, combined with underwhelming sales of last year's Mankind Divided.

Fans of the series will know that Mankind Divided left a lot of questions unanswered, and a lot of story threads untied. Reportedly, Mankind Divided was set to answer all of those questions, but at some point in development content was cut to be saved for a third game, which has now been shelved. It's unknown if fans will ever see the resolution to the series they are waiting for.

When asked for comment, Square Enix responded that "While we are still working on expanding the Deus Ex Universe, along with creating new content and updates for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, we're also devoting our talents towards working with Crystal Dynamics and Marvel on The Avengers project."

The DLC released thus for for Mankind Divided focuses on single, stand-alone stories, rather than a continuation (or conclusion) of the main story plot.

So while the possibility hasn't been completely ruled out, don't expect another Deus Ex game any time soon.

Source: Eurogamer


Hence why splitting a story into two parts for extra profits is oft regarded as an anti-consumer move, squeenix.

Squenix splits deus ex story because greed. People refrain from buying it because they read story is not finished and microtransactions. Squenix places future development on hold because new deus ex didn't make enough money.

Man, if I would've bought Mankind Divided I would be piiiiiiiiiissed.

Huh. Turns out anti-consumer practices has repercussions.

Huh. Turns out anti-consumer practices has repercussions.

Anyone remember when Square used to release games that told a full, complete and decent story?

I've bought two games from them last year and the result was

FF15: content and story cut to be released as a buy me to get the complete story DVD / Blu Ray and no doubt to be sold as add on DLC at a later point, leaving a story that felt short, inconsequential and lacking in any dramatic effect.

Deus Ex: content cut from the end to be included in a reported well in to development third game leaving you with a story that just seemed to end without warning without any really satisfying conclusion.

I am starting to think that maybe I should stop buying Squares games.

A spokesman for Square Enix commented:

"We just don't get it. Complex preorders that need an excel spreadsheet to understand, an unfinished story, micro-transactions hidden in game. We did everything we could to make a players wallet or purse our personal piggy bank and force them to cough up extra money on TOP of the retail price we charge and people refused to buy our VERY mediocre triple A title.

We're managers in suits... people should LISTEN to us and not pay attention to what they're getting. Ah well, time to find something the moron factor of the gaming community will pay for because it's pretty and not very deep. I need that magnum of champagne for my next enema, after all!"

*flips table*

Dammit squeenix!

I actually liked Mankind Divided, despite them putting most of the content in one single city hub and having less actual Infiltration missions than the prequel, which is the real meat of the game, and despite the gameplay feeling like one step forward one step back from Human Revolution.

Hell, I was even fine with the ending, even if I felt it needed one more REAL mission and a bit more actual resolution to it. (And props for actually making the final mission actually fantastic this time.)

It was still Deus Ex, with all the sneaking and hacking and clever infiltration and good story arcs, even if they spread the jam really thick into one single spot in the game.

So to hear that the sequel that's well into development is getting put on hiatus and that we probably will never get an actual conclusion to all the threads dangling from the cliff? That pisses me off.

Squeenix, maybe if you'd spent less money on the shitty free-to-play mode, and on failed marketing stuff, and hadn't done some shady microtransactions, you'd have turned more of a profit on your game that you chopped in half.

I'd still buy the next game too. Because I can't get what Deus Ex does anywhere else these days. Gimme the damn conclusion to Jensen's story, dammit!

That's fine by me. The gameplay was alright but not one Deus Ex game except the first was able to tell a compelling story. There are just too many surperior titles out there with better quest design and atmosphere.

They didn't ask for this...

Squenix splits deus ex story because greed. People refrain from buying it because they read story is not finished and microtransactions. Squenix places future development on hold because new deus ex didn't make enough money.

Man, if I would've bought Mankind Divided I would be piiiiiiiiiissed.

I sure am hahahaha, what a waste of money ultimately. And the half of story we had was a rather toothless drag to top it all off (especially for me since I'm living in the country they so boldly got their "mechanical apartheid" theme from). So much for a "grey world" when everyone is either in one extreme or the other to the point of it being comical.

But I digress, Mankind Divided was a decent game and its a pity we possibly won't be seeing a conclusion to Jensen's story anytime soon.

Well, I know what to say to that.

Alas, I may never see the thrilling conclusion to the grand saga of Adam Jensen, a man who consistently manages to be the most boring motherfucker in the room despite having cyborg sunglasses and fucking robot arms.

What a shame.

Alas, I may never see the thrilling conclusion to the grand saga of Adam Jensen, a man who consistently manages to be the most boring motherfucker in the room despite having cyborg sunglasses and fucking robot arms.

What a shame.

I could have sworn they already wrote a decent ending to the character.
Problem being they made a sequel.

Well that sucks.

Then again, One of the reasons that I had little interest in Mankind Divided was because I hadn't finished the first game yet and this game felt like it changed little from the first as well.

Aaaaaah the Anachronox/Shenmue way of things.
"announces a game with story split up, meaning we spent the money on something we don't know will sell well"
customers hold off on purchase for complete edition
"sorry guys, not enough cash came in."

I was so hyped for Mankind Divided I didn't even buy it or play it... so as far as I'm concerned? Good.

I'm not sure who'll actually be developing what, but I'd gladly take a good Marvel game [series] over another ho-hum, half-arsed Deus Ex prequel.

Am I the only one who just isn't all that impressed with this series in its current form? Like, HR was good, but I don't think there's all that much mileage you can get out of Adam Jensen's story. Even then, the original Deus Ex still stands as a superior game to this very day. Sure, a lot of it hasn't aged well, but there was clearly a lot more passion, originality, and understanding of the core concept. Without the obvious references, HR and MD feel like a completely different series than the first game (we don't need to talk about IW).

well their hidden micro transactions and one use items made me refund the season pass

I was incredibly excited for this game

Then they announced the multiplayer.
Then they announced the micro transactions.
They they announced that it would be 'episodic title' whatever that's supposed to mean*
Then they announced that insane pre-order system.

Then it came out and the story was both boring and unfinished. Congratulations Squeenix, you've unlocked the secret of revers alchemy, turning gold into lead.

*I take it to mean paying multiple times for the same single game

Ah well, I had my fun with HR, it was a great game and it's ending was good enough for me to leave it there.
Mankind Divided is a different story though, I just stopped playing 3/4 of the way through because it just felt so empty. It's not like I disliked it or anything, there was just nothing in there that made me care enough to continue. It just didn't have the charm that HR had and that was a real shame.

It'd be great if Square could really work up a masterpiece for the final installment, but if they feel that they've gone as far as they're willing to go with the series than they should leave it as it is rather than force out some generic garbage at a later date.

It's almost like shitty business practices have consequences. This game was absolutely one that I would have gotten if not for all the bullshit.

From the outside, it looks like there was a solid path to a solid game. And then someone with more authority than integrity decided that the thing could make more money if they slapped a convoluted pre-order system on it, wedged in a micro-transaction enabling sub-game system, and cut the game's story by at least a third.

A typical situation in these typical times, as Dave Matthews once put it. But I think it would be well to remember the first part of that story. It really seems less that Deus Ex screwed over a loyal fanbase than that someone at S-E did, screwing over Deus Ex in the process.

Maybe some day the powers that be will figure out that there are issues of quality and community that can't be easily plotted out on a spreadsheet.

I'd be very surprised if we didn't see this part of the Deus Ex story completed in the next few years. I don't think MD sales were anywhere near low enough to justify shelving the series for any longer than that.

So after Mankind Divided ended on such a crashing "To be continued!" note, they've decided to shelve the franchise? Fuck you Sqeenix, fuck you.

Fuckin' Superheros, man. Lazy, lazy ass superheros.

I've yet to understand why superheros in the main media hasn't run it's course yet.

Deus Ex franchise .... is it wrong for a person to love a franchise even though there's only one good game?

Personally I'm happy with the idea of Squeenix flinging this franchise over a rainbow. There's only so much good will you can squeeze out of love for one game of the series that most current videogamers probably haven't even played.

It's kind of like the Hitman series.

The only one I've played to conclusion is 2 and it doesn't help that I didn't even like the experience yet people kept screaming at me like it's somehow the good one. Can a namesake alone be enough to create nostalgia? I simply don't get Hitman fans to be honest and ditto I don't get why new videogamers will like the Deus Ex franchise when the first one they play isn't likely to be the only one worth the time investment.

One one hand, sorry to hear that a much loved franchise that once embodied innovative, open design practices is being put on hold.

On the other, I'm really glad games that implement all the bullshit pre-order bonuses, micro-transactions, and other anti-consumer BS are being penalized. Of course, then something like Titanfall 2 comes out which is genuinely great with fresh ideas, free maps, and cosmetic micro-transactions only, and no one buys it.

So I guess I'm saying gaming is fucked.

While I feel bad for the people who were looking forward to the next installment, I can't say that I personally feel too terribly distressed about the franchise getting shelved.

I liked Human Revolution, but I never found it to be anything particularly special. For some reason Adam Jensen just never clicked for me. Honestly, other than a few token connections here and there, it doesn't even feel like part of the same franchise as the original Deus Ex to me. Remove those handful of connections, and it's basically its own new IP.

I did end up buying Mankind Divided on launch, but I returned it on Steam because of all the anti-consumer crap surrounding it. I figured that if I'm going to have to put up with that shit, I'd rather just wait a few months and pick it up for $10 or $20 during a sale. Now I'm thinking I might just save my money for something more worthy.

But how will I Augment my Pre-order??????!!!!!!

You guys were going to hold a game hostage for a few days to "Incentivize preorders"
Fuck off and die. Shame it had to take a decent Ip with it.

Yeah, turns out people hold off on purchasing when they hear you've cut their game in goddamn half.

On one hand I'm glad it presumably undersold as a direct result of their anti-consumer horseshittery, I'm just really bummed Deus Ex had to be the martyr that delivered the message.


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