Mutant Football League Returns to Kickstarter

Mutant Football League Returns to Kickstarter

Michael Mendheim, the creator and designer of the original Mutant League Football, has returned for another try at crowdfunding the game's spiritual successor, Mutant Football League.

Digital Dreams is trying again to crowdfund Mutant Football League, spiritual successor to EA's Mutant League Football. Led by Michael Mendheim, creator and director of the original, the team is looking to raise $60,000 to complete the game. The game is described as "an NFL Blitz arcade-style football game, with nasty mutants, ferocious monsters, deadly chainsaws, and lots of gory player deaths, along with some edgy, satirical humor that parodies America's favorite sport."

According to the Kickstarter page, the game itself is 75% complete. Online Multiplayer is 65% complete, and the funds will go towards finishing that, adding an additional character species, adding additional teams, voice over, and dirty tricks, improving AI, and more. A closed alpha is expected in April 2017, with a closed beta expected in June 2017. The team is hoping for an October 2017 PC release, with consoles to follow in Spring 2018, although the team stresses that "adding additional content can delay the final release date of the product depending on how much additional work is required."

"That being said, we are publishing the game ourselves, so if we need to delay the game for something we all agree we want then that's what we will do," the post states. "Please know and understand, we will always prioritize quality over quantity but with a game this polished, ready to play, we know it shouldn't be long before it's in your hands and your opponent finds themselves in the morgue."

The 2013 Kickstarter campaign for Mutant League Football was ambitious, ultimately only raising $141,821 of the $750,000 goal. Mendheim stated, at the time, that he felt the failure was due to a misguided focus on mobile. While the campaign focused on a multi-platform release, Mendheim said he was advised to try focusing on mobile platforms. He said that "the backlash to that was just unbelievable. We were sunk that first day."

A pre-alpha demo is available on Windows PC for backers who pledge $1 or more. The game will be released on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.


Now we're talkin'. I was so excited a few years back when they wanted to make a new MLF game (or MFL in this case) but quickly lost interest when they wanted to make it for mobile. This though? Looks hella fun. Definitely want it. Gotta win the championship with the Sixty Whiners some time (yeah right).

I loved Mutant League Football.

Shame I dont do kickstart.

Looks alright, it would be cool if it comes out though.

If would have probably helped the cause more if they made the demo free to all instead of pledge-based. But hey, that's just a theory.


dafuq, who the fuck thought it was a good idea to focus on mobile for a game like that?

I'll definitely be interested in this, and I know probably a handful of friends who will be too.


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