Rumor: New Hearthstone Expansion Features Un'Goro Crater and Has Dinosaurs

Rumor: New Hearthstone Expansion Features Un'Goro Crater and Has Dinosaurs

The next Hearthstone expansion may have leaked on a voice actor's resume.

We sometimes catch wind of new games in the strangest of ways. We'll hear rumors from strategy guide announcements, leaked trailers, or even resumes for developers or voice actors. That last one is where today's rumor comes from. Voice actress Lani Minella has voiced characters in previous Hearthstone expansions, and Reddit user Reidor has spotted an interesting entry on her resume. As you can see in the image below, Minella lists Hearthstone: Lost Secrets of Un'Goro.


Her resume lists the roles of Golakka Crawler, Pteradactyl, Anklesaur, Hydra, and Brontosaurus. Those character roles seem entirely consistent with an expansion set in Un'Goro, which any World of Warcraft player could tell you is a zone filled with dinosaurs, devilsaurs, elementals, and giant crystals.

If the past is any indication, we'll probably see a Hearthstone expansion this spring. Whispers of the Old Gods launched on April 26 of last year, and it would not be a big surprise to see a new expansion around that time this year. If it happens, don't be surprised if it's called Lost Secrets of Un'Goro.


Well I for one Hope that Dinosaur Hunter becomes a thing.

Pretty sure its gonna be an adventure, in the vein of Curse of Naxxramas, Blackrock Mountain, The League of Explorers, and One Night in Karazhan. Seeing as Hearthstone runs on a Adventure > Expansion > Adventure > Expansion cycle, and we will be losing both Blackrock and League of Explorers with the next rotation, it stands to reason that the next piece of content will be another adventure.

As for Un'Goro itself, I cant say that I ever really enjoyed the zone in Warcraft, however, more dinosaurs have never been a bad thing, so im game. Be interested to see the new class cards; I for one am voting for holy dinosaurs for Paladin and Priest.

I can't help feeling a little jealous of someone who can list "Brontosaurus" as a previous job.


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