Hitman's Next Elusive Target Mission Arrives Tomorrow

Hitman's Next Elusive Target Mission Arrives Tomorrow

Get ready for seven days in Bangkok.

Hitman's newest Elusive Target mission goes live tomorrow, February 10, and this time players will be heading to Bangkok to take out Adeze Oijofor - The Warlord. As is custom for these missions, players will have a limited time, although this one in particular gives players 168 hours - seven days. This mission has two objectives: Eliminate Adeze Oijofor, and retrieve maps and digital files. If the player fails to successfully eliminate the target, the target will disappear forever.


If this is the first Elusive Target you complete in Bangkok, you'll earn the Casual Suit with Gloves, while completing the contract with the 'Silent Assassin' rating will count towards progress for unlocking the Winter Suit.




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